The Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D

Publisher : InnerCircle Publishing

ABOUT Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D

Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D
From very difficult beginnings as a child I entered the military and spent two tours in Vietnam where I encountered my first teachers, Zen Monks who taught me much. I continued my search for meaning and journeyed to India and encounted my greatest teachers of all, Tibetan Buddhists where I More...


The Twelve sacred Principles of Karma answers these points and much more.

What is the law of attraction and why is it so important - the second principle tells us this - You attract to you what you are not what you want?

Is Karma real? If not then why is there cause and effect, physics proves this.

Do you realize that we as human are a result of Divine Karma?

Karma is not about punishment it is more about keeping equality in place and to give us the human the power of creation through return action?

How would you like to attain full control of your life while realizing direct influence?

Will understanding karma give us this?

Did you know that when you use karma with intention you will have all that you seek?

The reason we stumble and struggle in life is because most do not know these valuable principles!

Karma is what life is all about and we may all use it directly while know what the outcome will be once mastered!

Karma is created in every moment in which we live and we may not get away from it.

These pages contain thousands of years of teachings handed down in the Tibetan traditions to which every monk must come to know. These were direct teachings from some of the greatest minds that I have ever met. Not only will you be reading the principles and what they are about but how my teachers actually got me to experience them in motion. Everything from meeting a 400 pound Bengal Tiger, which became my friend but also smuggling me into Tibet when it has closed borders. There are many compelling adventures along with the knowledge of a life time. It is my desire to bring consciousness to this part of the world along with the love and compassion of my teachers.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Ultimate Class on Karma., August 11, 2009
By Conrad Jones (Manchester, Jamaica) - See all my reviews
As I read this book, it was as if I were right there with the very Masters: Lobsang and Kiela. In this treatise Steven takes us on a journey into his daily lessons on Karma. He speaks with experiential wisdom on the topic; something that is lacking in most text today on the topic. Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma elucidates perfectly on a concept that so easily eludes us. This time around, I'm sure you'll get the concept. This book is a must read, especially for people who want to know how the law of attraction truly works. Shanti.