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Steven Nedelton
Steven Nedelton (pen name Ned Stevens) writes suspenseful novels with crime, mystery, paranormal and noir. He is an approved member of the Awesome Indies Authors. His published titles are: Dangerous Trade, The Raven Affair, Fear!, A Suitcase Mystery, Coma Sins/The Madness of Ben Bluman and More...



On July 21st of 1994, Jack Smith, a former CIA operative, dies at the Ocean Side Health Facility, CA. Only a few weeks later, thousands of miles away in Russia, David Tallman, the leader of the same CIA group, dies at the hands of Dr. Tatiana Borisova, Director of the former KGB Special Projects. Jack’s and Tallman’s deaths culminate decades long struggle for supremacy in extrasensory control. What secrets did they take to their graves? What was Tallman’s group involved in and why was it hiding in the long forgotten town of Crossroads? Why were the Russians so afraid of it? Two deadly romances. Read Crossroads, find out….




Note: Tallman’s character was based on a former U.S. agent who operated in the 1960s in East Berlin.



Crossroads is a novel about people, very unusual people indeed. Men and women with special abilities allowing them to 'see' things thousands of miles away, to read other persons thoughts, to move objects without touching them. Their gift is similar to Bethoven's ability to compose and hear the music in his head, and like Beethoven, such prodigies are extremely rare. During the Cold War period, the Soviet KGB became interested in this phenomenon and decided to use it in the espionage. Especially because some of these unique men and women appeared to be able to read and even control other persons thoughts. Thus this potential 'mind weapon' was of great interest to the them and, in turn, to the CIA. Crossroads is about the CIA assembled group of such prodigies. It is about the KGB Sokolov, Head of Special Operations and his right hand mind control expert, mesmerizing beauty Tatiana. The story describes a French traitor and her affair with the KGB. Our people, living in the small town of Crossroads, are affected too. A very secretive and strange group of men is suddenly in their neighborhood and they are frightened. A woman, their neighbor, is murdered. The Police Chief refuses to discuss the strange men hiding in the old corner house. Did these men murder their neighbor? What is going on? And then, a coup in the new, more democratic former Soviet Union. Gorbachev's life is in danger, will the CIA and its experts respond to this threat to the young, fledgling democracy in Russia? Crossroads is a complex action novel. An international espionage tale based on paranormal.


“…Crossroads shows great promise and Nedelton is beyond doubt a talented writer.” Norm Goldman of Book in American Chronicle




MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW 5.0 out of 5 stars for Crossroads spy thriller


A fascinating and entertaining story of cold war espionage, highly recommended.


By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) December 11, 2009

“…read this Five Stars novel from an author that I feel is equal to Daniel Silva, Steve Berry, Baldacci and other writers of exciting thrillers. Fran Lewis: Reviewer, January 7, 2010


“To recommend this book, I have to resort to a reviewer's cliché: I couldn't put it down.” Jen Knox, Author of MUSICAL CHAIRS, Fiction Editor at OUR STORIES Literary Journal




“An unusually multi-layered and absorbing novel, Crossroads will be and should be read by thriller and spy novel enthusiasts all over the globe."


--Vincent Zandri, author of 'As Catch Can'


"Reminiscent of John Le Carre with a dash of Ian Flemming, Steven Nedelton's Crossroads plunges us deep into the complicated and not yet thawed Cold War spy-thriller mind-power experimentations and the dubious dark characters that once inhabited that volatile underworld. Written with an uncanny knack for plot and time-shifting, this 21st century thriller also introduces us to 20 th century CIA Agent David Tallman, a main character who possesses depth, passion and, in the grand tradition of Hemingway at his best, more than his fair share of tragedy and wickedness. An unusually multi-layered and absorbing novel, Crossroads will be and should be read by thriller and spy novel enthusiasts all over the globe."

--Vincent Zandri, author of As Catch Can and the forthcoming Moonlight Falls