Discovering Wounded Justice: Cruel Menace

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Belinda DAlessandro

Publisher : BDA Books Pty Ltd

ABOUT Belinda DAlessandro

Belinda DAlessandro


Alyssa Giordano, a first generation American, never thought being a woman in this day and age would be a disadvantage... until she met her first boss. Her grandmothers, one Irish, the other Italian, fought so hard to be seen by other women as their husbands’ equals. But Alyssa’s grandfathers, and her father, knew who really ran things.

Barely a year into her career, the young lawyer couldn’t believe that Duncan Kennedy would accuse her of a double cross and sack her after she’d rebuffed his advances. Nor could she believe that his partner, Lydia Price, refused to support her. As she leaves behind her first job in the only career which she’d ever wanted, Alyssa, pride wounded, loses faith in the one thing she’d grown up believing in: justice.

After struggling to get her career (and her life) back in order, Giordano finally hits the big time and finds that roles are reversed. Kennedy is labeled a swindler and a leading journalist, a woman no less, holds his fate in her hands. But as he vanishes in a cloud of lies and creditors before he can be brought to justice, Giordano’s faith in it, justice, freefalls again.

Later uncovering reports of Kennedy’s untimely death, Alyssa’s faith in justice returns and she begins to believe she is rid of the cruel menace who almost destroyed her. Until the day he walks back into her life to seemingly ask for her help in restoring his reputation... and tries to take her life...

Ex-Lawyer Proves the Pen is Mighter than the Gavel (Press release 23 April 2009) For Belinda D'Alessandro, writing her debut crime novel about a disillusioned attorney served as much needed therapy. Inspired by events in her own legal career, D'Alessandro's book, Discovering Wounded Justice: Cruel Menace, began as a way of dealing with the struggles of being a woman in a system that is still very much a man's game. "I started it as a hobby, a bit of an outlet for my personal disillusionment with the profession," explains D'Alessandro, who served as a Research Associate for Federal Judges before moving into private practice. "But then it snowballed and I just had to write it; had to finish. It became a cathartic experience." D'Alessandro drew on her own experiences working in the legal field for much of her book, though unlike her protagonist Alyssa Giordano, D'Alessandro has never had a former co-worker try to kill her. Still, she says, "I've worked with both good and rotten lawyers, and learnt just as much, if not more, from the bad ones as I did from the good ones! Let's just say the location and some of the names were changed to protect the guilty." Like her protagonist, D'Alessandro comes from a diverse family. Her father moved from Italy to Australia at the age of seven. She has great-grandparents from both Scotland and Ireland, and extended family in both the United States and Canada. She grew up in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast of Australia, and earned her law degree from Bond University in 1992. A desire to focus exclusively on her writing led her to launch her own boutique publishing company. For now, BDA Books will handle D'Alessandro's own projects, though she hopes to expand her press to include other authors. More information regarding BDA Books can be found at