The Last Templar, Creation

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By Thaddeus Jean

Publisher : Christian Templars

The Last Templar, Creation

ABOUT Thaddeus Jean

Thaddeus Jean
Christian Templars was established by me, Thaddeus Jean, in the latter part of 2008, when I started writing books. It is not the fairy tale story of a growing author backed by publishers and people in the field willing to help. The true story is more of a depressing tale that starts off in More...



The story starts in Roma, Italy with a faithful priest of the Vatican, Abel, who has been in hiding for 20 years. His twin brother, Cain, a sinful genius who should have been dead years ago from cancer, finally finds him. He puts a threat on Abel’s life if he doesn't’ find a hidden treasure of the Knights Templar's. The key to the secret is within the walls of the Vatican. A mysterious treasure hunt begins with Abel’s mentor, Father Mark. They embark on a wistful journey, finding out more than they should and a secret so great that the church itself does not know. The plot thickens as Abel wakes up on an island in the middle of nowhere where human cloning and human/animal mutations are performed and tested by Cain. Abel finds himself having to make the hardest decision based on his faith and the need for vengeance that tugs on his soul. Templar, one of the original nine Knight’s Templar’s, is found frozen in ice and is brought back to life, but not a life that God gave him, instead one of an abomination of man, due to Cain’s sinister ideas. With a remarkable historical run of excitement and gripping tales based on the bible, the battle begins between good and evil. Violence erupts as the stage for the Armageddon begins. As Templar gathers his team to battle evil, the Nephilim and Cain, the fallen angels raise their own armies...

Twenty years ago an imaginative boy had a dream of a super hero like no other. One who was powered by God Himself. In the year 1988, at the San Benito County fair, this boy entered a drawing of a comic book character, that he created, named The Last Templar. The drawing took first place opening the flood gates for the full creation of The Last Templar comic character. With nothing more than a sketchbook and a few ideas, the teenage boy tucked away his idea for a later date. Then in 1992, this teenage boy, just out of high school, and his soon to be lifetime friend, Tim,started drawing The Last Templar into comic book panels. They didn't get real far. Twenty years later, Thaddeus Jean is no longer a teenage boy with a dream. He is a husband, father of four and a born again Christian. He has returned The Last Templar to paper, with the support of his wife and friends. After 20 years, Thaddeus' dream has come to life with the first book in the series, "Creation." In 2005 Thaddeus met a wonderful woman and was blessed enough to marry her. He shared his ideas with her from the beginning and showed her his journals from so long ago. His wife, Cristina, introduced him to Eric, who became his writing buddy. With Cristina and Eric 's support, Thaddeus finished the novel. The Last Templar, or just "Templar," makes his first debut to the world in 2009 and second debut to those of San Benito county fair of 1988.