White Coat Wisdom: Extraordinary doctors talk about what they do, how they got there and why medicine is so much more than a job

ABOUT Stephen Busalacchi

Stephen Busalacchi
Steve Busalacchi, of Madison, Wisconsin, is a former Wisconsin Public Radio reporter with 25 years of varied communications experience. He's a speaker, author and public relations specialist who gives his all for each and every client. Speech training, executive presentation skills, podca More...



Nine hundred years of combined medical experience, explained in compelling, real-life stories--That's White Coat Wisdom. Health reform ideas are presented from medical experts with the experience to know what is needed to keep people healthy. TV shows like ER have nothing on the real deal! White Coat Wisdom is a 590-page hardcover oral history of extraordinary physicians, which is endorsed by former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, MD and by many reviewers, including the Mayo Clinic Proceedings (Five Stars),  the Midwest Book Review (Five Stars).

The author is a former medical reporter who had the chance to meet hundreds of accomplished physicians. He knew there had to be a story behind how these people reached their professional heights. And what a story he unraveled!


"(Busalacchi) has mastered the ability to allow his subjects the floor, and the practice of medicine from the view of the dear and glorious physician is expressed with all the triumphs and tragedies that are part of that world."

--U.S. Review of Books, May 2009 (read the full review)

"The book is clear, concise and well-written."

"White Coat Wisdom" is packed cover to cover with what its title promotes, and is highly recommended for those reasons.
5 stars, Midwest Book Review, 5/6/08

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"It's a wonderful, wonderful book."
Susan Simon, Ch. 3 anchor
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July 23, 2008