Cycle of Life

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By AJ Rodriguez

Publisher : Author House

Cycle of Life

ABOUT AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez
I am a Louisiana motivational storyteller/author. Currently I have 5 books out.  Theodore Da Baer, Theodore Da Baer II, A New Beginning, Theodore Da Baer III, Wizards and Other Tales, Cycle of Life and A Cajun Crawfish Tale.

I run a program called One Angel at a Time  wherein  More...



The Cycle of Life is a beautiful story about the friendship and love between Cal the caterpillar and Ernest a bird. Share in this delightful story as this unlikely pair become friends.

Laugh with them as they share in fun adventures. Cry with Earnest as he loses his best friend and searches for the answers to life.

This is a must read for anyone who has lost someone they love and is searching for answers. 

About two years ago I lost a close friend. His wife came to me and asked if I could write a tale to explain death in a way that children could understand. I said that I did not think that I could write a story about death as it is a very difficult subject to approach. That evening while sleeping I dreamed this story and during the night I woke up and typed it into the computer. Everyone that has read this tale loves it. They say that it helps them understand the true meaning of life. This story is my favorite and is my gift to the world.