Theodore Da Baer

Children's Books

By AJ Rodriguez

Publisher : Publish America

Theodore Da Baer

ABOUT AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez
I am a Louisiana motivational storyteller/author. Currently I have 5 books out.  Theodore Da Baer, Theodore Da Baer II, A New Beginning, Theodore Da Baer III, Wizards and Other Tales, Cycle of Life and A Cajun Crawfish Tale.

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Theodore Da Baer, an adventure into the world of magic and wizardry, follows the adventures of a German boy as he follows his dream to become a wizard. Just as he realizes his dream, the king orders all wizards to their death.  To save Theodore the head wizard turns him into something that no one could be afraid of the world's first teddy baer. But not just any teddy baer but a magical teddy baer.  A teddy baer with all of the powers of a wizard.  He gives him a special book of magic and a magic crystal ball. He tells him that in the future a great wizard was going to be born and it was Theodore's destiny to train this wizard in the ways of magic. This wizard and this wizard alone would control his destiny, whether Theodore would remain a teddy baer of be turned back into a human was in the hands of an unknown wizard.  However, if by their 18th birthday this unknown wizard had not discovered the secret of turning Theodore back into a human, he would remain a teddy baer forever.

An evil wizard was sent into the future to keep Theodore from fulfilling his destiny.

Theodore lives throught many great adventures while he awaits the birth of the new wizard.

Finally the wizard is born in New Orleans, Louisiana. During her training Theodore and Taylor live through many great adventures until that day when good and evil clash.

Will white magic survive? Will Theodore regain his human form? Only the book knows the answer and it is waiting to share its secrets with you.

These stories are stories that I had created to entertain my own children. While living in Germany in the 1960's there were few books at the library. My children soon tired of the books. So I began to create stories about a little German boy that live in the castle. As my children asked questions I used Theodore to explain the mystery of childhood. Theodore had all of the answers. Soon my home became that gathering ground for many children. The children loved Theodore and his adventures. But as they must my children outgrew their need for Theodore and his wisdom and he was sent to a place of waiting in the back of my mind and their he remained for almost 40 years. In 2000 my grandchildren came for a visit and they began to ask for the stories that I had told their father. I had completely forgotten about Theodore. So I began my tales anew. When summer ended my grandchildren returned to Louisiana and began to share the tales of Theodore with their friends. My granddaughter called to ask for the stories but I had never written them down. She was so disappointed. The following year when she came for a visit, i taped the stories as I told them and at night I typed the tales. When my grandchildren returned home they took the stories with them. At a family reunion that summer, I shared the tales with the people gather there. They encourage me to share these tales with the world. So I looked for a publisher.