The Luckiest Penny

Children's Books

By Deborah Weed

Publisher : The Art of Bliss, LLC

ABOUT Deborah Weed

Deborah Weed
Deborah Weed has had an extensive thirty-year career in marketing/entertainment that has included everything from being: Director of Marketing for Fame International responsible for a 26 million-dollar pavilion; Director of Development for Citibank; Creator/Producer of “Sensations”;  More...


The Luckiest Penny is an inspirational children's story about two rare pennies at an auction who are about to find out how much they are worth and why. The story was written to encourage values and remind every generation, what is truly important in life! Experience is what makes us rich. . .

The Luckiest Penny was written to encourage both children and those young at heart, who might otherwise get discouraged by life's ups and downs. One penny remains shiny, protected inside a clear sleeve, yet he does not really live. The other penny has been in the garbage; someone's lucky penny; in the washing machine and at the bank. He discovers the real meaning of courage and love!

"The Luckiest Penny gives us all an opportunity to look at what we value about ourselves and others. It is an engaging story that encourages the conversation of self-worth and love."

Laura Duksta

Author, New York Times Bestseller, 

I Love You More

"Here's a story that shares why we need to jump into life - Live Fabulous Now!"

Sandy Grason, Int'l Speaker, Author & Founder of the JOURNALUTION: Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams

"This book is a treasure to share with your grandchild of any age. The story of two pennies is intertwined with the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. It shows children what unconditional love truly is and the value of every single person, no matter how small, no matter what!"

Lily Prellezo

Author of  Seagull One: The Amazing true story of Jose Basulto and Brothers to the Rescue

"Deborah Weed has written a timeless fable that reminds us and our children what really matters. This lovely story is about love and values, and it will enrich and inspire you at this time of great challenge and change, when so many families are having to reevaluate what is important."

Ellen Brazer

Author of Clouds Across the Sun