Glimmers of Hope : A Memoir of Zambia

ABOUT Mark Burke

mark burke
I am a well travelled schoolteacher with a degree in history and a keen interest in current affairs, development, economics and media


The true story of a London schoolteacher, who, tired of the rat race and brooding over a failed relationship, uproots and volunteers to teach in rural Africa for two years. Sent to the Republic of Zambia with a remit to teach maths, HIV and Gender awareness, he finds both hope in unusual places, and corruption where he least expects. This memoir is both a recollection of his more vivid memories of eastern province, and his reflections on problems in Zambia and their possible causes. It is also a useful study of the physical and psychological challenges that a volunteer may face in Africa

I was a teacher in rural africa for two years and wanted to tell what i thought was the truth about aid and development work in such an environment