Sending You Sammy

Sending You Sammy

Children's Books

By Sarah Butland

Publisher : ProSpec Industries Inc

Sending You Sammy

ABOUT Sarah Butland

Sarah Butland
Sarah Butland is a Moncton author of a children’s book titled Sending You Sammy, several published poems including Wrong Shell and articles including Electric Shock. Her newest published work is Brain Tales - Volume which is a collection of short stories from past and present. Both of th More...


Want to know what it takes to be a Superhero? Meet Sammy and he'll let you know just how easy it is to be at your best throughout your entire day. Read the entire series to see what kind of adventures Sammy is faced with and what powers he gains to complete his tasks. You'll love meeting the magician and the rest of Sammy's friends while he continues to be a ten year old boy. It doesn't just take a cape to be a Superhero but it does take someone special. By making smart but easy choices you can change your life and your friend's lives in a great way. All it takes is reading this book and you'll be well on your way to being a Superhero! Be one of the first to read the first book of the series and start the fun right now!

I ran out of red pencil crayon while only having a Spiderman colouring book to amuse me. Having plenty of green, brown and yellow left I began using my imagination and coloured who was to become BananaBoy. When I looked at the daily newspaper to see the discouraging headline about increasing childhood obesity rates I knew a story had to be told so I wrote it.