Corman the Carp

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Joe Aarntzen

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Joe Aarntzen

Joe Aarntzen
I was born Joseph Arnoldus Maria Aarntzen on July 30, 1953 at home in Gendt, Holland where my aunt acted as a midwife. I was the oldest of three sons born to my father Joseph Johanes Aarntzen and my mother Anna Jacoba Josephina Driessen. I was named after my two grandfathers. The name Mari More...



Corman had the life.  He was the biggest fish in the lake.  He had many plump and content wives that wiled away long warm afternoons in their private cove.  Everything was perfect for the carp.  But then one night zebra mussels marched into his world.  They scattered Corman’s females away.  Corman woke up the next morning to discover that he was alone.  At once Corman set out to find his lost harem.  But his lake was big and it was connected to a series of other lakes. His girls could be in any one of these lakes. Finding them would be like finding a needle in the haystack.


Corman the Carp is a series of short stories that follows Corman’s forays and follies as he scours the lake country in search of his wives.  He makes friends and enemies along the way and Corman learns there is a lot more to the world and life than what he possessed in his cove.

The genesis of Corman the Carp came when my brother was looking to add a short story page to his website. He approached me about writing a story for it and I came up with the idea of doing a cartoonish story dealing with the antics of a fat carp that lived with his harem of females until one day the zebra mussels took over the waterhole scaring off Corman's girls and leaving him frantic trying to find them.