A Love That Makes Life Drunk

General Fiction

By Karen Roderick

Publisher : Pink Cupcake Publishing

A Love That Makes Life Drunk

ABOUT Karen Roderick

Karen Roderick
Karen Roderick was born in a small house in Warwickshire in 1974.    Aged 3, she moved with her parents and older sister to a council estate that was to become her home for the next 15 years.  Aged 11, the shy girl at school, she picked up a pencil and started making up stories.     More...



"I thought about why Lily's parents potentially deteste me. It could be the fact I'm 37 and she's just 25, or that I've been sleeping with their daughter knowing she's in a relationship with my brother; I imagine it's both, topped off for good measure with the vulgarity of my novels and my occasionally arrogant and pretentious column."

Jefferson Howie is in turmoil...

Deeply handsome, intelligent and successful, he is a man used to getting what he wants, that is, except the one thing he really wants - his brother's beautiful girlfriend Lily.

Through a series of cleverly orchestrated meetings, Jefferson detaches himself from guilt to tempt Lily into his arms. Silently but deliriously, they collide against the backdrop of the love letters of Anais Nin and Henry Miller.

But is blood thicker than love and desire?

With Jefferson's sexy and charming narration, and Lily's intensely emotional and sexually explicit Journal, we witness the honest and raw account of two people falling in love.

Contemporary Fiction with an Erotic Edge.

In 2005, Karen Roderick had her first child, transporting her from 30 something career woman to stay at home mum. The culture shock was such, she lost herself and her identity and started making up stories in her head about a life she wished to have. She began writing. Balancing a family and writing, grew increasingly difficult, and writing took a back seat as she attempted to adjust to her new life, but one character refused to stop banging on her door until she’d told his story. Jefferson Howie had previously been a minor character in a shelved manuscript, but so taken by his sophisticated charm and handsome attire, Karen gave up months of slamming the door in his face, and Jefferson Howie won the battle of wills and “A Love That Makes Life Drunk” was born.