The Little Pot

Classics, Christian Books, Children's Books

By Dawn Stephens

Publisher : Bumble Bee Productions

ABOUT Dawn Stephens

Dawn Stephens
After successful careers as an elementary teacher, a school administrator, and a business owner, Dawn enjoys writing, illustrating, and designing children's books. Her work has won a Dove Award, a Mom's Choice Gold Award, and Disney's i-Parenting Award. Her books have traveled around the w More...


How do you teach young children about the value of patience and the loving omniscience of their Creator? Introduce them to The Little Pot, a wise and winsome tale.

Soon after a potter lovingly forms a new pot and declares that he has important plans for his creation, the little pot begins to wonder what its purpose will be. Will it be used to hold important documents? Great riches? Beautiful flowers? As various expectations prove wrong, the little pot is cautioned to wait and see. Gradually, Little Pot comes to realize that its creator knows best and has the most wonderful of all uses planned for it. Young readers will realize that the same is true for them: that, like the little pot, they were designed to be vessels that bear “fruit.” Anyone who has ever had trouble seeing God working in his or her life will realize that, while His work may not always be evident, it is always there. The author’s warm illustrations beautifully enhance this charming allegory about patience and fulfillment. A valuable teaching tool for parents and educators, The Little Pot is a simple yet profound story about inevitable reversals. Its timeless message will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Author/illustrator Dawn Stephens gained her love for books as an elementary school teacher and as a mother of three daughters. She has helped several school systems develop curriculum and teaching material for state-tested standards in fun and developmentally appropriate ways. Convinced she would be a teacher forever, she found herself thrust into the business world. The Little Pot was written as Dawn tried to determine God’s plan for her own life. Just as the little pot was given task after task, Dawn found herself changing career paths and continually searching to understand their purpose in her life. Through serving God in many different capacities, she sees her true purpose is to bear “fruit” from whatever “The Potter” gives her.

“May the lessons learned by the little pot enrich all our lives! A bright and charming book to teach eternal truths.”
~ Angela Elwell Hunt, best-selling author of many great works including The Tale of Three Trees


“A wonderful story for children (and adults) reminding us how special we are when we allow God’s hand to shape our lives.”
~ Bill Myers, best-selling author and award-winning film maker


“This delightful tale digs deep to the root of God’s plan for our lives. It’s a wonderful piece of pottery praise.” ~ Troy Schmidt, co-author and screenwriter of the Hermie and Friends series, writer at Walt Disney World


Everyone will fall in love with this charming story!
~ The Dove Foundation
The wonderful company of Bumble Bee Productions brings a colorful illustrated story by Dawn Stephens. The Little Pot will help children to understand the value of patience. And that each of us may not know what is best for us but our creator does and it takes patience until that is revealed. Everyone will fall in love with this charming story and this will help with conversations regarding patience. Dove proudly awards the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to The Little Pot.