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Publisher : YOU WRITE ON


I am a writer, broadcaster, actor with 30 years experience in all facets of the media industry.


No Borders-No Boundaries is a compelling thought provoking tale of mystery, intrigue and romance. A cast of no nonsense characters jump from the page with sparkling dialogues that compel you to feel for their predicaments.  The action takes place over a three month period during the summer of 2001.  From the cruel streets of Washington D.C to the peaceful shores of the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec, this action packed page turner will have you hooked from the start.  Amidst all the mayhem, there are real people and their turbulent lives that are altered and changed forever.  The story thrives on deception and deceit and for some deliverance.  There are new beginnings and sudden endings.  The novel encompasses the shadowy lives of underworld crime figures and the innocent victims who are dragged unwillingly along with them.

There are the hunters and the hunted whose roles explicitly become reversed.  It’s a story of life, love and death that all happen out of the blue.

I didn't sit down with the intention of writing a book on the evening of September 3rd 2001. I had just been informed that my best friend had finally sucumbed to the stomach cancer that had ravaged his body for the past year and my reaction was to grab some paper and a pen and go sitdown on my screened in porch and just begin writing. eight years later after many re-writes i'm proud to say that it is now available for purchase on all the on line book stores