Marley's Treasure

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Publisher : Yorkville Press

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Marley discovers a wondrous golden treasure! But instead of enjoying it with his friends, Marley hides the treasure and spends all of his time alone, guarding it.

Lucky for Marley, he has very good friends who check on him, especially wise old pelican, Pete.

What do YOU think Marley decides to do with his golden treasure?

Find out!

Marley’s Treasure helps parents teach children about the importance of sharing.

This beautifully illustrated hardback book will delight parents and children alike with Marley’s island adventure and warm wisdom.

Hi all, I am the author of a new children's book called Marley's Treasure. This is my first book and I wrote it while I was still in high school. Things were kind of hard for me and I wrote Marley's Treasure for my little brother to teach him the importance of sharing.

By  D. Blankenship (The Ozarks) - (TOP 100 REVIEWER)    (REAL NAME)      
Well, I must say that this offering by Gable Yerrid, which has been illustrated by Jennifer Fitzgerald, is one of the most professionally written and illustrated children's books I have come across for sometime now. In brief, the story is of a small monkey, Marley, who has life pretty well nailed down on his island home where his house is located in the biggest tree there. Life was good and Marley was enjoying it to the fullest. Suddenly one day, our lucky little monkey discovers "a bunch of the most beautiful golden bananas he'd ever seen - so golden that they glowed like the sun." One would assume that would go far in making a perfect place even more perfect. Hmm, not so!

Greed and selfishness creep into the picture, as are their wont, for both people and little critters. Should Marley share these lovely, glowing and perfect bananas with his friends, or should he keep them all for himself locked in a trunk in his house? Is happiness truly having all the bananas for yourself and your own pleasure, or is sharing one of the paths to bliss and happiness? These are questions and answers that our little money friend must ponder, and ponder he does. Now as to his decision and his findings, and conclusions, I will not throw in a spoiler here. This is one you simply must read yourself!

I truly love the way this work has been written. The author has used a very clear, easy to understand text and style that is easy to read, but at the same time is not overly simplistic; no, there is no talking down here...thank goodness. As you read this work, especially out loud, you get the impression, a strong one that the author is actually telling you the story and not just writing the word to a tale he made up. You could almost use the word "intimate" to describe this writer's style and syntax. The words are easy enough, yet they are at the level which will hold the interest of the reader and or child and mildly challenge the wee ones. Both young and old will enjoy this read. This, in brief, is one smoothly written little book!

As to the illustrations by Jennifer Fitzgerald; well it is difficult to find the correct descriptive words. The pictures absolutely glow! I am not sure what she used, chalk, pencil, pastels, watercolors, or a mixture of all. I simply do not know. What I do know is that her work is extremely effective and perfectly executed. Each picture has a misty glow about it; quite warm, quite detailed. The facial expression on Marley's face and those of his friends are simply cute and each tells its own story. Each illustration goes perfectly with the text and, as it should, enhances the already wonderful words of the author. Fitzgerald is one talented lady!

Along with a great story and a great set of illustrations, we have a wonderful message; a message that a child simply cannot learn soon enough. We learn of the hollow feeling and the unhappiness of selfishness and greed and we learn of the pure joy of sharing with our friends. I fear to report to you that many adults today have not learned this lesson very well, goodness no, and lets hope works such as this will help the next generation avoid the harsh lessons so many "big people" are learning even to this day!

This work has been designated for children ages 4-8 which I feel is just about right. It has been "kid tested" by me. This one was read to a class of five year old kids and to a class of 6 year old kids and they loved it. I was able to get quite a lot of discussion out of this book, i.e. there was a lot of good "talk mileage" in this one. I also feel it would be an excellent read a long book for a one on one session. I found that the size of the book, text and illustrations were absolutely idea for reading to a group.

The book is extremely well constructed, tightly bound with heavy boards and the paper used is very heavy and strong and should last for years. All in all, it is a very classy bit of physical publishing. I do hope that we will see more of both Yerrid and Fitzgerald in the future.

I should think that it would be extremely difficult to find anything to complain about with this one and I do highly recommend it for your child's personal library or the school and/or public library.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks