Daughter of Thunder

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Joe Aarntzen

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Joe Aarntzen

Joe Aarntzen
I was born Joseph Arnoldus Maria Aarntzen on July 30, 1953 at home in Gendt, Holland where my aunt acted as a midwife. I was the oldest of three sons born to my father Joseph Johanes Aarntzen and my mother Anna Jacoba Josephina Driessen. I was named after my two grandfathers. The name Mari More...



Her world began to fall apart on that fateful day on Pioneer Lake when her parents had that big fight with her grandfather.  Little did any know that her grandfather would die that day and that within a week the remaining Meadowfords would be burying him.  While at Silent Hills, Thora saw him for the first time.  The rest of the summer she would be plagued by him.  She began running.  And even as she ran, he would follow, coralling her to the only possible destination that she could go, to the place where it all began.  Readers first met Thora Meadowford in The Little Boy of the Forest.  Now in this next chapter in the Grappling Haven family legacy, follow Thora as she hovers on the brink of madenss trying to make sense of a once proud dynasty and the curse that seeks to destroy it.

Daughter of Thunder is not so much a sequel to The Little Boy of the Forest as a concurrent story that looks at many of the elements introduced in the Little Boy from a different light.  When I wrote The Little Boy of the Forest I had no intention of visiting the characters and the story again but due to the popularity of the first book and the desire by readers for more on this dysfunctional family I decided to once more write about the Meadowfords but this time from the perspective of another character and that is how Daughter of Thunder was born.  It may turn out that the Daughter may have a daughter herself and that a third entry will be created in the Meadowford saga but to date I have not commenced any work on this project.