One Fine Season

General Fiction

By Michael Sheehan

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ABOUT Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan
Michael Sheehan is CEO and founder of a natural medications company that distributes German-made energy remedies, including the popular INFLAMYAR ointment for sports injuries. Written to honor the memories of two childhood friends who both passed away at a young age, One Fine Season is t More...


Best friends Pete O’Brien and Danny Grace are gifted college athletes, both hoping for careers as professional baseball players. When a tragedy changes everything, Danny struggles to cope with his overwhelming grief and fulfill a pact the young men made years earlier.


An opportunity to achieve his dream appears unexpectedly when events thrust Danny into the spotlight with the expansion Sacramento Miners. Along the way, three guides – an aging catcher, a spiritual centerfielder and a wise manager – plus a beautiful woman help the rookie deal with his shattered faith. They lead Danny on a healing journey that climaxes when he faces the universe’s ultimate plan for humankind, and learns that even death cannot break the bonds of true friendship.



I contemplated writing this book for many years, driven by the desire to, in some small way, honor the memories of two childhood friends who died young. Their names were Danny Dettling and Pete Callinan. Danny and I hung out a lot between the ages of 12 and 14, playing on the same Pop Warner football team and spending summer nights camped out in my parent’s backyard in a blue-green pup tent that we routinely shared with my brother. Danny was always fun to be around and we became close friends. Pete was a fine all-around athlete and excellent baseball player, smooth and stylish, and a good person.  Both died in their early 20s, Danny from a terminal illness and Pete following a tragic accident that left him paralyzed.  Even now, three decades later, the picture of them remains clear in my mind. by Diana Shepherd - 5 stars

Forever friends never leave us... 

Pete O'Brien and Danny Grace are best friends and amazing college baseball players. Their dreams of playing in the Major Leagues are right at their finger tips. The guys made a pact when they were younger to do whatever it takes to help each other fulfill these dreams. Everything is right on track when tragedy strikes. Danny is left to deal with overwhelming grief while trying to fulfill their pact. Uncommon events occur that propel him into a situation that is beyond all expectations. Members of his team and coaching staff, along with the girl of his dreams, all help him deal with his grief, become one of the greatest baseball players, and regain his lost faith. 

This is an incredible book. I absolutely loved it. Michael Sheehan had me crying in just the first few pages. It's a heartbreaking, heartwarming, joyful look at life's mysteries. We get to witness the true goodness of humankind in an entertaining sports love story. The love and care that the characters have for one another is so inspirational. This is one story you won't want to miss