Death of the Phoenix

Mystery & Thrillers

By Ron Albea

Publisher : Publish America

Death of the Phoenix

ABOUT Ron Albea

Ron Albea
Ron Albea is the author of a series of diverse fiction novels. Each story has been written to be read in about the same time it takes to watch a movie. The stories will draw you in and move you in some way, just a good old fashoned Southern yarn. No, there's no vulgarity or political views More...



In this fictionalized story, the distinguished senior Senator from Georgia's Atlanta office has been bombed by terrorists, killing all within, except two employees. This story is about the struggle of those two people to stay alive. They are on the lamb from professional killers. But why? Why has the Senator's office been targeted? The answers lie within these pages.

Just a little 'heads up' for this website viewer: The ending is not what it appears to be. Read carefully for clues. They are there. Please be intrigued and entertained by the story.