A Tear-Stained Letter: surviving multiple sclerosis and my wife's suicide

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By Vern Beachy

Publisher : iUniverse

ABOUT Vern Beachy

Vern Beachy
I am a former broadcast journalist and was forced to abandon that career in 1999, one year after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I married my best friend in 2003 but lost her in 2006 to suicide. I now live in Carroll, Iowa.



A Tear-Stained Letter is a vividly honest and raw account of what Vern Beachy has endured, and is enduring, as a young widower (suicide survivor) with Multiple Sclerosis. Beachy’s wife of less than three years committed suicide when she lost her job and faced the prospect of losing health insurance at a time when her husband’s health seemed to be going steadily downhill.


A Tear-Stained Letter is a story of love. The love one man has, and will always have, for his wife.

When two Memphis police detectives knocked on Vern Beachy's door on a Friday night in June of 2006, Vern didn't know what the detectives had to say, but he knew it wasn't good news. In fact, it was about the worst message one can hear. Vern's wife, Melinda, was dead, and it was believed she had committed suicide. In this memoir, A Tear-Stained Letter, Vern provides a candid and emotional look at his journey after the death of Melinda-his wife, his best friend, and his very best support system as he dealt with the ravages of multiple sclerosis. Vern recounts the night he heard the fateful news, the frustrations of dealing with the authorities, the grief of a funeral and its aftermath, and the desperation of living alone. A Tear-Stained Letter reminisces about Vern and Melinda's life together and how she helped him handle living with the many aspects of multiple sclerosis. This memoir tells a story of enduring love and how living after the death of a loved one never gets easier.