The List: Can Perfect Be Put on Paper?

ABOUT Carmen Shirkey

Carmen Shirkey
Carmen Shirkey was born in Staunton, VA. She received her degree in Rhetoric and Communications from the University of Virginia (she’s a crazy Wahoos fan) where she was also a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority. She then proceeded to become a gypsy – moving from city to city. Currentl More...



Candace Saunders is a single, 30-something with a 50-item list of the qualities she wants in a man. She meets two suitors – one earns lots of checks on her love itinerary, the other is the anti-list. As she falls for (which one?) she wonders, can perfect be put on paper?

2009 Indie Book Award Winner: Romance Category!

It’s a light read and certainly a happy one. I can picture it being made into a movie and featured alongside How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Runaway Bride. Totally different themes but same spirit and certainly as entertaining. I love how it took a common idea that many women have (the list) and turned it into a sweet parody of that idea. So in the spirit of the novel I must ask… what’s on your list?
Excerpt of full review from Love, Romance, Passion

FOUR CUPS "The List is a downright funny read! Anyone who wants to find Mr. Right, has a list detailing the qualities of Mr. Right, and has actually been disappointed when a guy did not meet the criteria of your list must read this book. Having once lived in the suburbs of D.C. myself, I tried the dating scene and reported all of the horrific tales to my best friend. So I can relate to Candace and her frustrations! However this triumphant book assists the reader into actually thinking of putting away their list and enjoying the pleasures of dating...if only for a little while."
Excerpt of full review from Coffee Time Romance

"All in all the book was a fun read that I have quite enjoyed. Recommend it? Chick lit, light reading, funny at times. It reminded most of Kinsella's books, so if you like the genre you might want to try this one too :)"
Excerpt of full review from Kay's Bookshelf

"What woman does not love her lists! In the case of author Carmen Shirkey's heroine Candace, we find a quirky, lovable character who proves that a list is, in fact, ever evolving. Bravo to the men who have figured that out and can match wits amongst this entertaining group of friends."
-- Tammi Wark Marcoullier, author of Driving Forces: Inside the First U.S. Women's Olympic Bobsled Team