Lotus Petal

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Glenn Smith

Publisher : Persona Publishing

ABOUT Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith


Lotus Petal is a spiritual parable that helps people understand how women hold the key to enlightenment through the power of metaphor.

This simple tale tells how the boy, Tin, born amid great expectation is torn from his family by Mephisto's men and sets out on a journey of learning and self-discovery. He briefly meets the enticing Lotus Petal, and when she vanishes, is goal is to find her. His learning experiences with many mentors over several years give him mystic knowledge. Tin sets out to confront Mephisto and uses his special powers to depose him, bringing prosperity to his people, and reuniting him with Lotus Petal.

It's a story that is meant to entertain and educate the reader.
Lotus Petal is a delicious read. I love the characters and feel like I have known them in another life. I am in anticipation of the next adventure. This book has light, love, and a fresh perspective on the power of love and humanity. A delightful adventure.

M. Brown