TO SUMMON ANGELS the metaphysical

Religion & Spirituality

By Michaela Sefler

Publisher : RED LEAD BOOKS

ABOUT Michaela Sefler

michaela sefler
Michaela Sefler is an metaphysical poet. Her poetry is esoteric 
> drawing on ancient writings to convey a message of hope and 
> survival, highlighting nature and different aspects of the beauty 
> of creation. She has ten published compilations of poetry: St More...



In this compilation, Michaela attempts to merge feelings and hopes with

spirituality of the ages. Inspired by ancient esoteric knowledge, she

highlights various aspects in our spiritual reality, inspiring us to believe

W. H. McDonald Jr. "The American Author Assoc... (Elk Grove, CA USA) - See all my reviews
There is something very special about the poetry from Michaela Sefler - it truly is food for the heart and the soul. Her book of inspiring poems entitled "To Summon Angels" will give you a dose of divine love. She writes these poems as if channeling the words from angels and sages of old. Enjoyable reading for all poetry lovers. Like all good poetry this feeds your inner hunger for meaning. This book embraces the light of heaven while standing in the material world. 

The book is filled with words and expressions of hope and love at the higher levels of the spirit; yet it feels like some kind of divine message. This book will appeal to all those who enjoy spiritual poetry. A must read for all serious poetry lovers!