By Michaela Sefler

Publisher : publish america

ABOUT Michaela Sefler

michaela sefler
Michaela Sefler is an metaphysical poet. Her poetry is esoteric 
> drawing on ancient writings to convey a message of hope and 
> survival, highlighting nature and different aspects of the beauty 
> of creation. She has ten published compilations of poetry: St More...



Published with PublishAmerica.

Inspired by esoteric writings, Michaela conveys soul expression and

highlights aspects of man’s journey as perceived and expressed

through the creative force. Esoteric in nature, the poems

highlight existential issues with metaphysical answers, drawing

inspiration from ancient archetypes and creation, from purely

                                       esoteric expressions to elaborate metaphysical explorations

Truly a Poetic Gem! , August 20, 2009
By  W. H. McDonald Jr. "The American Author Assoc... (Elk Grove, CA USA) - See all my reviews
Poet Michaela Sefler who writes books that always inspire and uplift readers, has a beautiful new book "Gems" - which certainly lives up to its title. This poetic journey is like none of her other books in that she speaks in a voice that seems to radiate from a much deeper place within her. The reader will soon be swept up emotionally and carried across the divine universe of the heart. She is a mystical poet if there ever was one; it is easy to be mesmerized by the prose she creates on each page. 

Each poem comfortably fits in the right order and place in her book - and gives the reader a fuller experience by transporting them emotionally to another world!