Escaping Reality

Mystery & Thrillers

By Geoff Nelder

Publisher : Brambling Books

ABOUT Geoff Nelder

Geoff Nelder
Geoff Nelder, one wife, 2 kids, lives in rural England within easy cycle rides of the Welsh mountains. One humorous thriller novel, Escaping Reality has been published, and his recent novel is a science fiction mystery, Exit, Pursued by Bee, is published by Double Dragon Publishing. Other  More...


Escaping Reality is a humorous fugitive thriller based in the UK and Amsterdam.

The squashed nose on a wet pavement, followed by a brutal yet blackly comic internment, lead our hero to a gut-wrenching escape. A dangerous winter trek across the Northumberland Moors, even with a shocking surprising amorous interlude to raise the temperature, helps our criminal to survive and arrive in the backstreets of Cumbrian towns. But he can't just hide, he has to find out who is after him and what he discovers is more than is good for him.


Keeping just in front of a devious assassin, he crosses to Amsterdam where he gets his friends into trouble. Yet the mysterious Wendy seems to be on his side – mostly.


Can he find out what is really going on?

Can you find out before him? The clues are all here.

Is there really an Escape from Reality?

There's a certain Donald Westlake quality to Geoff Nelder's novel. Our hero, Gerry Ricketts has a touch of John Dortmunder about him with the exception that whereas Dortmunder usually did it, Ricketts did not. His imprisonment and subsequent jailbreak and flight across the moors is one of the funniest rollercoaster rides I've ever taken. Nelder's punning is bad enough, but the "naughty bits" will double you over. Incidentally the naughty bits have nothing whatsoever to do with the sheep.

You must read the book to find out about the sheep, I'll not breathe a word of it. Rest assured, you'll be behind our lad all the way during his flight for freedom, cheering him on and cringing at the close calls involved. A knee-slapper of the first order and no mistake. Geoff Nelder is a writer to be paid attention to. I did the whole thing in one sitting and was furious when it was done. I wanted to keep reading!
-Jessie Lilley
Editor-in-Chief Mundo Cult Magazine, Hollywood, USA