Exit, Pursued by a Bee

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Geoff Nelder

Publisher : Double Dragon Publishing

ABOUT Geoff Nelder

Geoff Nelder
Geoff Nelder, one wife, 2 kids, lives in rural England within easy cycle rides of the Welsh mountains. One humorous thriller novel, Escaping Reality has been published, and his recent novel is a science fiction mystery, Exit, Pursued by Bee, is published by Double Dragon Publishing. Other  More...



Not content with a story about alien invaders, this book has aliens already inside the Earth. They’ve been in the crust for two billion years and now they’re leaving.


Tired of faster than light spaceships in science fiction? Exit, pursued by a Bee has alien spheres lifting at a rate of one foot per hour! Even so, the military and scientists are flummoxed – they can’t probe nor damage them, but as they leave, the normal smooth passing of time is upset.


Religious leaders are shocked with the notion of aliens, and that they existed before humans, but some discover references in ancient texts and they use Tabitha Wish, a journalist, to spin the news to their advantage. This stretches their credibility as time quakes create disasters, apparently caused by the spheres leaving.


It makes sense to divert a Mars mission to chase after the spheres, and Kallandra is the feisty USAF astronaut picked for the job. She’d touched one of the spheres when it first emerged at Glastonbury and she felt a connection. Obtusely, the spheres ignore humans along with their missiles and spaceships. Does Kallandra give up? No, she discovers a never-before-used method of communication.


NASA didn’t allow Kallandra’s fiancé to go with her on the mission because they might not concentrate on the mission. However, populate a spaceship with a man and woman and Nature has a way of ignoring NASA’s rules. Do relationships reach breathless levels? Maybe but back to the mission; can she persuade the spheres to help Earth?

From best selling sf author of the Arabesk Mysteries & others - BSFA Best Novel winner and shortlisted Arthur C Clarke Award - Jon Courtenay Grimwood: "'Geoff Nelder inhabits science fiction the way other people inhabit their clothes..."