Leyla's Locket: Book One of the Sera Chronicles

ABOUT Paige Jackson

Paige Jackson
Paige Jackson was born in San Angelo, Texas. Because of her father's military career, Paige didn't remain in San Angelo long. She spent her school years living all over the world in places such as Greece, Turkey, Italy, and back in the United States she has lived in Maryland, New York, Tex More...



Seraphinus (Sera) Ulric dreads the latest in a series of moves forced on her by her father's company. Their next stop is San Kristinese, a small town in the desert area of West Texas.

Underneath the sleepy exterior lurks a hidden world where magic is real and things are not always what they seem. When Sera's family moves in next to Cressida Hammund, events are set in motion that will change their lives forever.  Within days of her arrival, Sera gets on the wrong side of a bully, receives an unexpected birthday present, and makes several new surprising friends.

Together they must unlock the secrets of an ancient necklace in a race against time to save magic . . . and each other.

Sera must deal with the hope of finally having a permanent home while being drawn into a web of magic, danger, legends, friendship, secrets, and conflict that will draw on every ounce of her courage and wits to survive.

"A fine read for all ages, Leyla’s Locket combines a woman’s determined desire for answers to her parents’ death with the enthusiasm of her 12-year-old neighbor who discovers she has magical powers. From Native American legends to the Elemental powers of magic, this is a romp through fears and hopes, magic lessons and encounters with dark forces, to seek the answers.

--Sandra Haven, Editor, Bristol Services Intl.