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  Curtis L. Alcutt’s initial effort, “Dyme Hit List,” focuses on Rio, a single African-American man who grapples with finding his soulmate after a lifetime of being a womanizer. His neighbor, Carmen, has all the qualities Rio wants….but can he commit to her?
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Rio Romero Clark, is an Oakland-bred brotha determined to remain a Playa-For-Life!

Taught by the best of Macks (his Uncle Lee, Father and Grandfather), Rio feels no woman can resist him. And he knows that his game is definitely tight, considering that he’s as a third-generation Playa.

It is Rio’s United-Nations-like appreciation for all types and races of women, from the Ghetto-Fab to the Professional, that leads him to the biggest challenge of his Mack-hood, Carmen Massey.

Carmen, a luscious southern-Dyme, at first sight, appears to be just another target on Rio’s Dyme Hit List! Possessing a body that’s bangin’ enough to make most brothas beg, mixed with southern-charm that can cause even the best playa to hesitate, Carmen’s got Rio in jeopardy of getting his Playa-Card revoked.

Burdened with the weight of potentially not living-up to the family Mack-legacy, Rio must choose between continuing to love his lifestyle or loving Carmen.

Unexpectedly tragedy strikes in Rio’s life and a dark secret in Carmen’s past ignites a fire that threatens to burn-up their relationship, permanently.

The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers (RAWSISTAZ.com and BlackBookReviews.net) - See all my reviews Curtis Alcutt's story DYME HIT LIST is a romantic boomerang type of story about a player who has finally met his match. Althought it is written in the urban fiction genre, it's not your typical urban fiction story. Instead, it is a romance; the story of a lover who has lived his life vicariously going from female to female. A true player's tale until he stumbles upon his match: a southern belle who is smart, beautiful and just as hip to playing the game as he is.

Rio Romero Clark is a self-proclaimed lover, who is attractive, confident, charming and independent. His downside, he has an ego the size of the African continent. He loves women, lots of women. He is a Third Generation Playa, schooled by his uncle, grandfather and father on the lessons of being a Mack. Rio has earned A's so far until he meets Ms. Carmen Massey. At first Rio looks at Carmen as being just another female on his dyme list, but Carmen is something special and this is where the twist begins.

As I read DYME HIT LIST it reminded me of Eric Jerome Dickey's novel Cheaters. It is the ultimate male side of romance, from a man's point of view. Rio is a loveable character. Even though he is a dog, he is also charming and confident, yet there is a metamorphasis. I do need to add that the book is sensually written and has erotic booth-knocking love scenes that will keep the reader tantalized from start to finish. The story is really a full-bodied romance. Alcutt did the unusual. He blended street dialogue with fairytale romance; a different mixture that places DYME HIT LIST in a category by itself.

Reviewed by Richell Winchester
for The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Book 'Em Danno - See all my reviews
I read a few reviews on "Dyme Hit List" and thought I would give it a chance. The storyline seemed decent but if I'm being honest I'll admit that the cover of the book gave me low expectations.

Thank goodness I was wrong. This book shocked the mess out of me by being so good from start to finish. Rio Romero Clark is a player bred out of Oakland, CA, home to some of the most famous macks. Rio lives the player life because that's all he's known from when he was a little boy. His father was creepin' on his mom and his Uncle Lee is a bonafide player that teaches Rio everything he knows.

Then comes Carmen. A woman from Alabama that has moved to Oakland to start a new life. She's beautiful, smart, and not quick to fall for Rio's games. Of course, Carmen playing hard to get makes Rio want her even more. The question is does he want her just to prove his mack game is tight or is he really ready to settle down with someone that's a perfect match?

Although Rio is a player, he has a heart, and you can't help but root for him to come out good in the end. Curtis Alcutt told this story with such originality that again I couldn't believe the treasure that was hidden behind the cover. Each character had his or her own voice and the book moved at a good pace. This book will make you laugh out loud and maybe even cry a little bit too.

I highly recommend you buy this book. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

JustWrite Publishing (San Francisco Bay Area) - See all my reviews Curtis Alcutt puts together a well written street lit about a player out of Bay Area's Oakland, California. Rio's his name ~ Carmen is his game! He thinks he's playing Carmen as he does Angelina, Yo-Yo, Amanda, Keisha, and Zoe, but after a dry spell of phone calls from her, something that never happens to a player like Rio, he soon learns that he's the only one being played. Funny thing is he played himself!!
DYME Hit List wasn't your average read about a player. You actually get to see what a "man in love" goes through ~ especially when "love" is something he doesn't believe in. This one is a real treat for the ladies.
Paula Edwards,
Author of The Last Bad Decision

Ms. Akima R. (Miami,Fl.) - See all my reviews
I thought this book was another street tale from the look of the cover but this book was far from that and I loved it! I laughed and cried in this book it was an overall great read!!

 KEKE "Urban story Lover!" (Noneya) - See all my reviews
Rio Romero Clark seems to have it all a good job, good looks, & many women at his beckon call. But that soon changes.

I think Curtis Alcutt did a great job with dyme hit list. The book has a great story line and it kept my interest with its drama & humor.

My one complaint about the book was the MANY characters that were under developed. Great stories usually consist of fewer characters that are well developed, however the book still gets 5 stars in my opinion.

DeeJay "Book Lover" (Georgia) - See all my reviews
The cover of this book does it "NO" justice. I picked this up but wasn't expecting much based on the cover and the title, but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a very good and well written love story. This was a first for me by the author but definately not the last. Pick this one up you won't be disappointed, just ignore the cover.

Louis M. Bardel "The Doctor" (New York City) - See all my reviews
Alcutt doesn't write so much as he makes love to the reader. With details, and poetry, Alcutt weaves a tale with more twists than a pretzel. Part player's manual, part romance, the story has many touching moments, especially when the author describes the inner turmoil of the protagonist. It's a page turner whose blanks don't get filled in until the very end. With words that are not always pretty, Alcutt does not disappoint and I look forward to his next dyme.

 Ms Toni "Avid Reader" (Midwest - USA) - See all my reviews
Rio Clark is a pimp by blood, not relation. Following in the footsteps of his father, uncle and grandfather, Rio juggles multiple lovers. Stick and move. Move and stick. Secretly Rio is tiring of the parade of women. Maybe it's time to settle down and find Ms. Right.

Carmen Massey has been hurt before and has no time for a man with a player's mentality. She's not looking for sex, but rather a meaningful relationship.

Several chance meetings place Rio and Carmen in each others path. Is Carmen Rio's Ms. Right? Is Rio a man Carmen can share her life with?

Dyme Hit List was an engrossing read from start to finish. Curtis Alcutt effectively makes his characters come alive to readers as you anxiously turn the pages waiting to see how the drama will unfold. Dyme Hit List hits its intended target.

Shay C "PeoplewholoveGoodBooks" (USA) - See all my reviews
Don't let the title of this book fool you, Dyme Hit List by Curtis Alcutt is a romantic story with a few drops of drama. Rio Clark is a "player", afraid of falling in love, he goes from woman to woman creating his "Dyme Hit List". Afraid to look like less of a man in the eyes of his Uncle Lee (the "ultimate" player)and father, that is until he meets Carmen Massey. At first, Rio tries to run game on Carmen until he gets to know her and they develop a friendship. After a nite of passion, Rio finds himself falling in love but denying it......too busy worrying about what his friends and Uncle Lee will say. It isn't until a secret from Carmen's past is revealed and tragedy strikes that Rio truly begins to learn the meaning of unconditional love. I was surprised at this book, the love story that develops between Carmen and Rio is sweet and you find yourself rooting for them to be together. This book is a must-read, you will not be disappointed!! Curtis Alcutt, you did a great job!! I give this book 4 stars!! Reviewed by Shay C of PeoplewholoveGoodBooks