A Lifetime of Words~Spirit for the Soul


By Robin Gorley

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Robin Gorley

Robin Gorley
I was born and raised in Denver Colorado. I am the oldest of four siblings. I moved to California in 1980 where I finished high school, graduated from our local college with a nursing degree. Shortly after I graduated from college, I met my husband. We married in 1987, and will be celebrat More...


Poetry to lift your soul through the grace of God.

Tarra Young
"Robin has written a collection of poetry that I found to be very uplifting and inspiring. When you are feeling down, these poems will lift your spirits and give you a feeling of hope. Robin is a very talented poet."
Romance Author/Poet

Pier Tyler
"Robin's book A Lifetime of Words: Spirit For The Soul captivates you, motivates you to ask what you will, and moves to inspire you to evaluate where you stand with God. Robin's writing mission is helping multitudes by reminding you what prayer, faith, and love in god can do for you. It impels you to be bold and stand on His word as you share it with others. I know because I am forever changed after reading "And God Said No", "New Found Strength", and "Pathway". This is a highly recommended read. Simply stated: Noteworthy."
author of Abstract: A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Poetry

Terri Ann Armstrong
"Robin Gorley's A Lifetime of Words Spirit For The Soul is another vivid, magnificent and majestic portrayal of Robin's heart and soul. Like her first book. A Lifetime of Words, Robin reaches into her life and brings out her deepest feelings. Her love for the Lord is evident and rings eminently through the pages of this crisp and loving portrayal of who the Lord is to her and the role He has played in her life. "
Author of My Soul Has Spoken