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By Clifford Roberts

Publisher : Clifford Roberts

ABOUT Clifford Roberts

Clifford Roberts
I dabbled in writing in the military. Later, I recorded a record and performed at the World’s Fair in 1964, on television shows, and in nightclubs.   I attended BluefieldState, FarmingdaleUniversity, and USIComputerSchool. Careers have included real estate agent; Newsday Manager; fue More...


Teachers, Professor, Lawyers, Doctors, Authors and Students, strengthen your writing with idioms and phrases. Not just a few, but tons, making your writing speak to the reader with expressions to tickle the imagination. Creating a world rich with meanings where words become better strangers. Whether one’s desires are wolfish, bloody, starved, or ravenous, these idioms and phrases will help one keep pace with one’s desire, expanding one’s mind and varnishing intellect, as he/she thread into a new world of measureless content, with wisdom consumed in confidence.
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