18 Rules of Community Engagement: A Guide for Building Relationships and Connecting with Customers Online

ABOUT Angela Connor

Angela Connor
Angela Connor is a multimedia journalist and community manager with a passion for online communities and social media. She is the Managing Editor of User-Generated Content at WRAL.com where she launched and currently manages the top-rated news organization’s first online community GOLO.c More...


Many organizations and businesses mistakenly believe that if they provide the tools for community engagement and interaction, a community will form on its own and ultimately engage and interact. Nothing could be further from the truth. A study of more than 100 businesses with online communities found that 35% had less than 100 members and less than 25% had more than 1,000 members, a clear indication that the tools are not enough.
Engagement is the holy grail of building successful online communities and connecting with customers online and here's your chance to learn from someone with experience. In "18 Rules of Community Engagement," Angela Connor shares how she helped her online community surpass 11,000 members in 18 short months.

This book is a definitive guide for those seeking to facilitate and grow online communities and develop social media strategies for themselves or their organizations. It is a playbook on exactly what it takes to be successful, with insights from community experts and practitioners.

After reading this book, you will have the knowledge needed to drive user engagement and bring people together online regardless of the age of your community or stage of its development. Can you afford not to read this book?

From the Back Cover
Angela Connor is the Managing Editor of User-Generated Content at WRAL.com and has help grow the firm's community to more than 11,000 members in 18 months. She is a multimedia journalist who has worked in broadcast, print and online news at television stations and newspapers.

"Angela's book is just as important for personal brands as it is for companies. In this new world of work, everybody must understand how to facilitate and grow a community, in order to achieve maximum success. Angela's book will guide you to community manager nirvana!"
Dan Schawbel, Author or 'Me 2.0'

"Angela begins the pioneering task of setting the rules for online communities in this must-read book. Her sass, wit and sheer knowledge of this unknown frontier are great guides for anyone wanting to enter the online community space."
Maren Hogan, Principal, Red Branch Media

"Angela lays out some great points on community engagement with real life examples that give readers the how-to when implementing these strategies within their own business. Not to mention, it's all written in a simple to read manner."
Sonny Gill, Social Media Strategist, SonnyGill.com

"...how do we move from the old model of circulating the news to the new model of managing these social groups? Angela Connor provides a clear and concise map to follow, whether working from the corner office or a corner of a coffee shop."
Ron Sylvester, Interactive News Reporter, The Wichita Eagle/Kansas.com