The Broken Picker Fixer

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Dawn Maslar

Publisher : Adundance Books

ABOUT Dawn Maslar

Dawn Maslar
A Professor, Author, Speaker, Life Coach and unfortunately a first hand broken picker expert.  In fact, my early writings about my troubled relationship lead to a monthly column  found in local south Florida magazine.  Eventually my recovery, lead to The Broken Picker Fixer. I love to More...



A broken picker is an attraction to men that are not right from them.  Robin Norwood described this attraction in her classic book Women Who Love Too Much. She states “many women become obsessed with the wrong men - men who are emotionally unavailable, addicted to work, alcohol, or other women – men who cannot love them back.” 



The book was created as a result of the author’s personal experiences.  After many years of struggling with on-again off-again relationships, Dawn found herself at an emotional bottom.  She had to come to grips with her own broken GPS (Guy Picking System). She learned that an attraction to men who treated you badly or are not emotionally available is an indication that a part of you needs to be healed.  That no amount of changing your outside circumstances such as behaving differently, dressing differently, or picking different men was going to fix a broken picker.  What was needed was an inside change.