Stragglers of the Spew

ABOUT Robert Lee Thompson

Robert Lee Thompson
Robert was born and raised in Indian River County Florida. He is a military retiree and proud to have served.

During Korea Conflict he spent time in Korea aboard the U.S.S. Calvert (APA-32) and during the Vietnam Conflict he did two tours of duty in Vietnam with the Navy Seabee More...


Living on earth now are individuals from hell. These individuals came from earth and other dimensions. All dimensions had their own planet earth but only one earth had a hell that was ruled by the Devil. God was tired of having to deal with the Devil and all his evil people so he removed all the good people to other places and left the earth and all its dimensions a vacant desolate wasteland. The Devil saw an opportunity here so he spewed all the individuals out of Hell to the surface and went on vacation. A lot of hell’s spew had learned their lesson but a lot had not. This novel is about the ones that did and the ones that didn’t.


The individuals that had learned their lessons were doing fine until Boss Lady, who works for Michael the Archangel, showed up and offered three couples a job. They were to find some good people that had been left behind. They found more evil people, which wanted to cut off their heads, than they did good people.


This is an action packed page turner with a lot of demons, mutants, adventure and gunfights with a little romance thrown in.