A Perfect Nest for Mrs Mallard

ABOUT Angela Cater

Angela Cater
Angela Cater has been painting cats and animals all of her life and is largely self-taught.  Since 2006, she has self-published, written and illustrated 3 children's picture books, and illustrated a fourth in collaboration with Canadian writer, Giovanna Lagana. As a mature student, she to More...


Last year's nesting season did not go very well for Mrs Mallard and she learnt a lot from not only her own experience but that of the other birds on Platt Fields lake. This year, she is determined to find the perfect nest - safe and warm for her ducklings to hatch in. This is eventually found in a bed of ivy underneath a beautiful magnolia tree that stands in the courtyard of a neighbouring girls' school. When the ducklings hatch, Mrs Mallard faces another problem? How will she get her ducklings from the security of the courtyard to their permanent home on Platt Fields lake? This story is based on a true event that occurs each year at the School where the author/illustrator is School Secretary. Regular visitors to Platt Fields park in Manchester will recognise many of the bird characters featured in the story.

This book is based on a real-life event that occurs most years in the school where I work as a Secretary. Staff and children alike enjoy watching Mrs Mallard choose her nesting site and we all look forward to finding out just how many ducklings will be hatched. The book also contains photographs of the real Mrs Mallard and her ducklings.

This endearing story is written by Angela Cater, a secretary at the school where Mrs Mallard chooses to build her nest. This beautifully illustrated tale will appeal to children everywhere and is set to become a firm favourite with the youngest children at Manchester High School for Girls, who will love reading a story based on a ture event that occurs each year in their own school.

Mrs Claire Hewitt, Head Mistress, Manchester High School for Girls

Who doesn't love an adorable downy duckling? In 'A Perfect Nest for Mrs Mallard', we follow two determined ducks as they find just the right spot for their nest, then take their new family to the nearby lake. This charming story, sprinkled with interesting bits of information about ducks and their habitat is a delight from beginning to end.

Jean Tennant, author of 'Olivia's Birthday Puppy'