Level Playing Fields

Sports & Recreation, General Fiction

By John Costello

Publisher : Jaycee Books

ABOUT John Costello

John Costello
I am now retired after spending a lifetime in a variety of jobs that included: early years engaged on the M.C.C. Young Professional Cricketing staff at Lord's Cricket Ground: Royal Air Force as national serviceman: cricket groundsman/cricket coach: insurance salesman: British Gas.



Corporal Joey Webster, an ex-professional cricketer, goes AWOL from the Royal Air Force after becoming involved with a WAAF officer. He returns to take up life where he left off before enlisting. Read how this likeable young man mixes with the upper classes at Lord's Cricket Ground during an Eton and Harrow match.

Find out what happens to our all-rounder as he hob-nobs with the ladies and gents of society, and learn of the romance that follows his meeting with Lesley, a Harley Street doctor's receptionist. Join him as he is invited to play in a village cricket match and meet the quaint and colourful characters there. Feel sorrow with him as an unforeseen tragedy occurs.

To find out what becomes of our hero and of the Air Force's reaction to his going over the wall, you must read this amusing, light-hearted novel by John Costello.

"A first novel of possibilities." E.W.Swanton The Cricketer International

"He captures well the parochial absurdities of a suburban cricket club." David Frith Wisden Cricket Monthly