Until the Deep Water Stills - Excerpts from Print Novel

General Fiction

By Michael Robert Dyet

Publisher : Self-published with distribution by Idiomatic (Ardith Publishing in Canada)

ABOUT Michael Robert Dyet

Michael Robert Dyet
I am The Metaphor Guy. Novelist, closet philosopher, chronicler of life’s mysteries – all through the lens of metaphor.   Author of “UNTIL THE DEEP WATER STILLS: AN INTERNET-ENHANCED NOVEL” – a double winner in the Reader Views Literary Awards:   * Canada East Region Winner *  More...


The paths of Katherine, Jayce, Bryan and Faith converge toward a tragic event as each struggles to decipher the intricacies of love lost and love found. Each discovers in their own way that love is the living core of human existence and that how we love defines who we are.

Excerpts from Until the Deep Water Stills print novel - Front page, main title page, preface, part one title page, Part 1: Chapter 1, Part 1: Chapter 2, Part I: Chapter 3, Part 1: Chapter 6.

Double Winner: Reader Views Literary Awards

* Canada East Region Winner
* Writers in the Sky Award for Best Creative Writing of the Year


Book Reviews


"The most engaging thing about this book is how real it seems, especially as you read each of the characters journal entries (on the internet). It is as if you are sneaking a glimpse into the most private parts of a person’s life, showing how fragile and tenuous life really is.


The well developed characters and the effectively told story, not to mention the striking book cover, create a book that I would highly recommend to others. Michael Robert Dyet has set a new bar for authors. His unique approach to the written word infused with internet enhancement may well be the literary wave of the future."


~ Donetta Garman, Allbooks Review

“What a great idea, to combine the best of two worlds - literature and the Internet - and create a novel that is “Internet enhanced” - that is interactive. That’s just what author Michael Robert Dyet did with his debut novel, Until the Deep Water Stills, in which readers can go to a web address at the end of each chapter to read further information on that chapter and its characters, and to view cool photographs…


Until the Deep Water Stills is a novel that will invoke deep emotions from its readers, and make them think about the nature of love and how its peaks and valleys often transform interpersonal relationships over the years. Its use of the Internet really adds a lot of interest to the novel, and makes reading the book an interactive experience.”

 ~ Reviewed by Douglas Cobb, bestsellersworld.com

"This is a great book! Michael is an amazingly sensitive and intuitive writer, and obviously understands more about the vagaries and intricacies of love than most people learn in a lifetime. I really found myself getting caught up in the characters. And the internet links really add a lot. At the end of each chapter there's a link to a blog written by the character (supposedly), which adds a lot of insight into what is going on in the book. Sort of a "behind the scenes look" into the minds of the 4 characters. The plot and characters kept me glued to the pages, and had me in tears when ....but no, I don't want to spoil the story!"


~ Joan Burton

"This book is fantastic. I read all the time and I have to say it has been a rare thing to come across such a thoughtful, emotionally relevant and ultimately inspiring novel. It is clear that  the author "gets it" when it comes to what really goes on between people, be they lovers, families or friends. I highly recommend it."


~ Katy MacKinnon


“Wow! What an ingenious way to write a novel! Author Michael Robert Dyet has included blogs from each of his characters in “Until the Deep Water Stills” to give readers a better perspective and understanding of each character. In addition to this, Dyet introduces readers to the four main characters a little at a time, which enables us to decide how each person interacts and relates to each other in the overall plot…


 “Until the Deep Water Stills” by Michael Robert Dyet was a fascinating read; readers can relate to the characters, their issues and demands. All of us have secrets we keep hidden from others, as do the characters in this book.”


Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views


“In Until the Deep Water Stills, Michael Dyet offers a glimpse into the evolution of the novel, harnessing the new technologies to reveal layers of story in a way that can only be done in the electronic age. Dyet deftly uses the Internet to create underlying strata, allowing the reader to slip away, if she wishes, from the third-person narrative of the novel to access the first-person intimacy of the blogs, diaries, letters, audio, and photo journals of the characters. When the reader returns to the main narrative, it is with deeper understanding, and sometimes astonishing new facts.”


Marianne Paul

Author of Tending Memory, Twice in a Blue Moon and Dead Girl Diaries


"It's an urbane story of relationships and choices people make. The theme of facing up to the consequences of our choices is poignantly unfolded, with the tragic loss of love and life, a cautionary tale of our contemporary times.


"The writing is excellent, whose luminous quality oft outshines the waxing moon on the deep still water."


~ Ben Antao, Past President, Canadian Authors Association, Toronto Branch

Author of: Blood & Nemesis, Penance, Living on the Market and The Priest and His Karma


“It is an unusual book in that each chapter is told from the viewpoint of one of each of its 4 main characters. I haven't gone online to delve deeper, and I suspect that the loss is mine because Mr. Dyet's writing style is compelling - very eloquent use of language and you can easily get swept along on the lyrical nature of the writing.

The characters are believable and given the depth to which the author relates each character, it is to his credit that their portrayal remains true to each - each being so different too… I would say it is a book for the 'Oprah Generation'.”


Lynn Fallon, United Kingdom


"The interesting added dimension to this book is the Internet component that reveals more of the characters and their secrets. The affair that Katherine conducts happens mostly in this dimension and I would have missed it had I not read her online journal. I think Dyet has hit on the future of the book - with the technology available and emerging - it could become a multi media experience."


~ Shane Joseph

Author of Redemption in Paradise and Fringe Dwellers