Dancing Backward In Paradise

General Fiction

By Vera Jane Cook

Publisher : iuniverse

ABOUT Vera Jane Cook

Vera Jane Cook
I am a fiction writer with eclectic tastes when it comes to genres. I love fantasy and soft core science fiction but my first two published books are mainstream. One of them, I hope, is very funny and the other, very sad. I work to be able to market and I write to be able to thrive. I live More...



Hysterical. Poignant. Outrageously eccentric.

Finalist Award Winner in the General Fiction Category for the Indie Excellence Award for Books 2007

Eric Hoffer Award Winner for Excellence in Independent Publishing 2007

"...discover unforgettable surprises in this Eric Hoffer Award winning novel. Highly recommended." Midwest Book Review

Armchair Interviews says: "Dancing Backward In Paradise is a story you do not want to miss."

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - 
Dancing Backward in Paradise is the debut novel of award-winning theater actress Vera Jane Cook, about one young women's quest to find herself in "Paradise" - New York City in the 1960s, a place beset by hippies, ambition, and the turbulence of the civil rights era. At first, nineteen-year-old trailer park resident Grace Place enjoys amorous trysts with her lover, Lenny Bean, more than anything else; but urged by her mother to seek fame and fortune in New York City, she works as a cleaning lady for the wealthy Betty Ann Houseman. When her lover betrays her and seeks to steal Betty Ann's estate, Grace is shocked, yet remains intent upon fulfilling her mother's wish and seeing New York City with her best friend, Ginny Jo. Together they will discover unforgettable surprises in this Eric Hoffer Award-winning novel. Highly recommended.