Sinbad's Last Voyage

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, General Fiction

By Toni Sweeney

Publisher : Double Dragon Publishing

ABOUT Toni Sweeney

Toni Sweeney
I write mostly sci-fi and fantasy, with an occasional sidestep into horror and westerns.  Thus far, I have 8 novels published as well as many short stories online at Amazon Shorts and in magazines.


When Andrea Talltrees hired human-hating smuggler Sinbad sh'en Singh to find her husband, neither of them realized how there lives would be changed.  As they follow the fleeing Tran from Earth to the Fringes, both learn that it's not how long a man loves but that he does love that counts.

Sinbad's Last Voyage is the best thing Ms. Sweeney has written so far.  Sinbad is definitely a rare and unique character.  Even though he's rude and crude, you'll find yourself liking him anyway, and he sugar-coats nothing.  Andrea shows that she has backbone when she's faced with unnerving situations that go beyond what she's ever experienced in her sheltered life as a Natural--and that will make you admire her greatly. 


Filled with thrilling scenes and danger at every turn, Sinbad's Last Voyage moves along with sheer speed.  It's incomparable and ingenious and you're sure to enjoy this futuristic tale of love and adventure.


You'll be hard-pressed to find anything like Sinbad's Last Voyage, so if you're looking for a romance that's not another of the cookie-cutter offerings out there, this is a great place to start.


Nights And Weekends - Sinbad's Last Voyage Review     


Margaret Marr

As the Earth readies itself for war with the invading Albegensi, Navajo Andrea Talltrees travels to the Thieves Quarter to hire halfbreed smuggler Sinbad sh’en Singh to find her fugitive-from-justice husband. When they meet, however, it’s an immediate clash of cultures as well as personalities--plus a heavy dose of instant attraction! Refusing to admit that he has fallen in love with a hated Terran, Sinbad reluctantly takes Andi on a journey that will carry them halfway across the galaxy, where the part-feline smuggler will call on some old friends for help and face one deadly enemy with an old score to settle. In their search for Andi’s husband, they’ll uncover a secret invasion that threatens to destroy the war-torn Terran Federation, and will learn that it doesn’t matter how long a person loves but simply that he does love. (Blurb borrowed from the publisher's buy page for this book)

I have to say I enjoyed this story very much. The world the characters live in isn't one I'd like to find myself in but it's quite unique and very well done. I had no trouble visualizing the scenes and liking the characters, particularly Sinbad.