I am an Evangelist, Discipler, Children's TV Presenter, Author and Song Writer, called by Almighty God to preach His Word, to teach His people, to lead His church, to equip His body and to do His will. Mine is a position of service, of humility, promoting racial harmony, of sacrifice, of g More...


Since my childhood years I have always been fascinated by most birds but, there's one particular garden bird I just love - the small and very cute Wren. Maybe because it's so small and cute, and hard to spot at times that I've been drawn to these beautiful creatures. You may be asking right now, why on earth I and so many folk around the world call this fascinating small bird the “little hedge king?” Well, I hope by simply reading this book you will understand the awesome reverence and some what mysterious personality and uncanny resemblance to the Christian Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that this small but cute Garden Bird has brought to the lives of people throughout the world, including myself!

This book also contains two other subjects which the author gives fresh insight. 'Why are so many people scared of spiders?', and. 'Scavenger of Scavengers'- a deeper look at the life of a hermit crab from a Christian perspective!!