Voices of the Soft-bellied Warrior: a memoir

General Fiction

By Mary Saracino

Publisher : Spinsters Ink Books

Voices of the Soft-bellied Warrior: a memoir

ABOUT Mary Saracino

Mary Saracino
Mary Saracino is the author of The Singing of Swans, a novel published by Pearlsong Press in October 2006. A native of Seneca Falls, NY who lived in Denver, CO for 12 years, she currently resides in Lafayette, CO. In addition to her work as a writer, Mary teaches creative writing classes a More...


Shortly after Saracino’s first novel was published in 1993, she began to experience an inexplicable clenching of her vocal cords. Over a four-year period, she was increasingly unable to speak without great strain. In 1997 the mysterious problem was diagnosed as a rare voice disorder. This memoir is the compelling story of the author’s journey and her struggle to reclaim her voice on physical, spiritual and emotional levels. It is ultimately a tale of epiphany, recovery and redemption. Praising the memoir, Louise DeSalvo wrote: “A stupendous achievement. Saracino speaks here as she has never spoken before; as no one has ever spoken before.”