No Matter What

General Fiction

By Mary Saracino

Publisher : Spinsters Ink

No Matter What

ABOUT Mary Saracino

Mary Saracino
Mary Saracino is the author of The Singing of Swans, a novel published by Pearlsong Press in October 2006. A native of Seneca Falls, NY who lived in Denver, CO for 12 years, she currently resides in Lafayette, CO. In addition to her work as a writer, Mary teaches creative writing classes a More...


This novel, a 1994 Minnesota Book Award fiction finalist, tells the story of family love and betrayal in the haunting voice of its ten-year-old narrator, Regina Giovanni. As the oldest daughter in her working class Catholic family, Regina is her mother’s confidante. However, as her mother’s extramarital affair with a Catholic priest begins to destroy her family, her mother’s secret soon becomes too much for Regina to bear. In praise of No Matter What Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina, wrote: “Unflinching, insightful, beautifully written…”