A Death For Beauty

ABOUT Alberto Rios Arias

Alberto Rios Arias
Author, debut historical novel, "A Death for Beauty"


An illuminating debut novel by Alberto Rios Arias

When Virginia Mae Mercy secretly wishes for her husband Birdie’s death, she never thought of herself as an accomplice. But when Birdie is mysteriously murdered by Cheyenne Dogmen, she begins to question her involvement in the grisly crime. Now troubled, Virginia cannot come to terms with her conscience and believes she was somehow responsible for his killing―an event that propels her on a path of certain ruin, as she adventures across the barren Western Plains during the height of the Civil War―in search of a new life with her sickly daughter, Triste. What they encounter along the fringes of the Oregon Trail, in the dark corners of the prairies, will change their lives forever.

Through subtext, the author raises curious questions about death , life, and re-birth. A must-read!

"Rich with imagery, this is one book I hope fulfills your every wish."
Monette Bebow Reinhard, author: The Felling of The Sons and Mystic Fire.

"I really enjoyed this first chapter and am now looking forward to reading the rest of this novel. I found it engaging and riveting from the prologue. I enjoy the premise of the story and it is definitely a novel I'd be interested in reading. Virginia Mae Mercy is a complex and curious character that I will enjoy discovering as well as the rest of the story. Can't wait!"  Mohawkgrl