The Big Fake-out, the illusion of limits

Religion & Spirituality

By Hunt Henion

Publisher : Shift Awareness Books

ABOUT Hunt Henion

Hunt Henion
Hunt Henion writes for the Examiner and has been involved in deciphering the spiritual nature of life his entire life. He has a PhD in Religious Studies and is a best-selling author.  He's written five books and compiled two anthologies (both Amazon Best-sellers)..



            The ancients understood that life is much more magical than it seems.  We’ve evolved into beings that put our hopes and faith in the outward appearance of things.  Even though we all sense that there must be something more, we take our limitations at face value.  More than just another law of attraction lecture, The Big Fake-out, the illusion of limits covers all the really big issues.

            “God works in mysterious ways," doesn't quite cover it.  "We're all part of something bigger than we can understand," doesn't cover it. However, Henion does – in magnificent, easy to understand detail. 

            He illustrates the power of illusion through personal and historical stories. Then he makes our perception of barriers irrelevant by laying out the hidden order behind human existence like blueprints on a table.  He elevates illusion-induced error to a rite of passage, empowering readers with a profound perspective!

The BIG Fake-out, the Illusion of Limits, “wowed me!” It was spiritually moving, and inspiring.  It had engaging stories anyone can relate to.  This book will help the reader begin to look at the challenges of life calmly from a Higher Perspective and take the steps necessary to clear out the illusions that seem limiting.  Mistakes are all part of the Divine Design of life and all decisions are good and have a purpose. Hunt Henion suggests we bless everyone, good and bad, follow our heart, and leave the fear and negatives behind.  When we do, we will be vibrating as Love, Harmony, Gratitude and Grace. Henion says, as we come to know our Oneness with God and each other, we will evolve into the “Homo Luminous” beings we were intended to be in this Age of Aquarius” –

Rev. Abigail Albert of the Family Spiritual Center, Poway Interfaith Team, and Board member of the Affiliated New Thought Network.

“This book illustrates the fact that we tend to stumble through the drama of human life accepting the illusion of separation and limitation as reality.   It brings the light of truth to the reader that all those “stumbling blocks” that appear to our conditioned mind as negative events are really stepping stones that can motivate us toward our true nature as spiritual beings with unlimited potential.  The author has given the reader a book that is enjoyably inspirational.”  

Dr. Angelo Pizelo, President of the Emerson Theological Institute and board member of the Affiliated New Thought Network

“Hunt Henion performs literary alchemy, transforming everyday struggles we all endure into golden inspiration.”

 Lisa Shiel, award winning author

Formal Reviews:

“The Big Fake-out, the illusion of limits,” is Hunt Henion’s manual encouraging readers to embrace God’s bizarre ways and understand it as Life jut being full of a series of differently sized fake-outs God puts before us as we trudge along.  “The Big Fake-out, the illusion of limits” is a unique sort of self-help spirituality manual…utterly fascinating and useful…” James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

The BIG Fake-out, the illusion of limits

Hunt Henion
Shift Awareness Books (2008)
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (1/09)

The author has written a very informative and interesting book…. As individuals here on earth, we are only interested in what benefits us…. we try to control everything to get what we want instead of looking for truth and guidance that comes from the universe.

Have you ever wondered why certain people come into your life when you least expect it? When you get that “gut feeling” do you think it might come from spirit guides?

The author describes “dying daily” as where one withdraws from the world and gets in touch with whom they really are. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all did that?

Do we even know who we are or where we are going? Most of us think we do, we also think we have a good grasp of what it means to live the good life. I found “The Big Fakeout, the illusion of limits” by Hunt Henion to be very interesting and an intense read.

Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views