By Maggi Coleman

Publisher : New Concepts Publishing

ABOUT Maggi Coleman

Maggi Coleman
I am a multi-published author with a BA in English and a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. I write mysteries and historical romance novels under the pen name: Maggi Andersen.
I live in the countryside outside Sydney, Australia with husband, cat and the ducks in the stream at the bo More...



Selena couldn’t accuse him of paying her Spanish coin! Gyles Devereux made it clear he had no wish to marry at all but was constrained by his circumstances. She could not be expected to keep refusing Lord Devereux, she thought crossly. She was only flesh and blood after all. What woman on earth could resist the pleas of a man such as Devereux?

Coffee Time Romance
4 Cups
What an energy charged story about love, mystery,intrigue and trust. This is really a roller coaster ride of a story that does not take long at all to pull you right into this story's very imaginative plot. The characters are amazingly written, and the story lien is wonderful. This is definately without a doubt a must read.
Lee Ann