The Liberation of the African Mind: The Key to Black Salvation

ABOUT Adisa Franklin

Adisa Franklin
I am the author of The Liberation of the African Mind: The Key to Black Salvation and Repent: From Jesus Back To God



    The Liberation to the African Mind: The Key to Black Salvation is a strong book written to the millions of African Americans who have had their history distorted by the Church and public schools. Because of these distortions Black people are estranged and alienated from their culture and the wisdom of their ancestors. The book challenges African Americans to begin to think for themselves especially in the realm of religion. This is another great Black Liberation Theology book!

    Our first challenge is to take an honest and critical look at Orthodox-Christianity’s authenticity. The book documents the plagiarism, profaning and corruption by Christendom of sacred African teachings.

    The book also exposes the deceptions, fraudulent claims, sordid history and numerous carnal doctrines of Christendom. It validates the rich wisdom of Ancient African cultures contributions to civilization. It points to that wisdom as a key factor in the liberation of African Americans today. This work is one of the most compelling, and competent challenges to Orthodox Christianity to date. A must read by all serious seekers of the facts and evidence which lead to the truth.

    It is a prophetic book with a revolutionary perspective. It is prophetic in that it points to the direction the BlackChurch must take to effectively address the spiritual needs of the Black community. It is revolutionary because it challenges the Church and believers to establish a new paradigm, an African Spiritual frame of reference. The BlackChurch must transform itself and take on a new view of the scriptures, doctrines and dogmas of Christendom.

    While there is indeed some positive and beneficial aspects to Church membership it is time for the BlackChurch to make its exodus from the Western religious way of faith in God to the African spiritual way of knowledge of God.

    Black Pastors and religious leaders must begin to teach that which will bring about the manifestation of the fullness of Christ. This is the charge given to all church leadership by the Bible they teach from. “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelist, some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, to be a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:11-13.

    Unity must be at the top of the agenda for the BlackChurch and for the Black community!

    Lastly, though we have the proverbial church on every corner there is an undeniable spiritual crisis in the Black community. The Liberation of the African Mind: The Key to Black Salvation makes the Spiritual Resurrection of the Black man a valid goal and priority. It will challenge many long held beliefs and dogmas, however Christendom must be examined and that which is not of God must be abandoned.


    This book documents the fact that what Blacks have been given as Christianity is in reality stolen African mythology, cosmology and history that has been corrupted by Roman and Greek priest, philosophers and emperors. It is one of the most powerful challenges to Orthodox Christianity to date. “The Truth will liberate you from their strong delusions.”

    Not since the likes of the Honorable Fredrick Douglas and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad have Blacks (en masse) questioned the validity or efficacy of Christianity. Mr. Muhammad made an attempt to make Blacks aware that Christianity was the religion of the people who had enslaved them. 

    Every race worships God in a way that is peculiar to their culture. Since the days of captivity Blacks have worshiped the god of their conquerors and oppressors. Worshipping a White man as God is not only a form of idolatry but extremely detrimental to the Black Psyche. 

“It must be remembered that no invader came into Africa to do the African any good; this includes the Arabs as well as the Europeans, who came into Africa. We must remove from our minds a concept that was false to begin with, the concept of the invader as civilizer. The invader never brings civilization; they bring their way of life at the expense of other peoples culture. They create a war on the religions and values of the people they invade and the invader’s religion becomes the handmaiden of their conquest. They engage in the form of brainwashing that would make Hitler’s henchmen apologize for being in business. Their greatest conquest was the conquest of the image of God. They destroyed the African’s image of God and substituted a foreign image of God for them to worship. Any person who worships a god assigned to them by others is in trouble.” –Dr. John Henrick Clark

About The Author

    Adisa is a native Detroiter. At the University of Detroit he majored in Psychology with a minor in Social Work. He says that he wanted to understand what was wrong with the mind of man and then go to work to make a difference. Thirty five years later and he is still on the same mission. He became a Baptist preacher in Detroit in 1983. He has had over fifteen years of ministerial experience in OrthodoxChristianChurches, including time served as an Assistant Pastor. He also served as Director of Education for a Ministers Alliance in the Lansing area. Though he no longer considers himself a preacher he says he will always be a minister of God.


    He is a dynamic speaker and teacher. He has researched for over twenty years in preparation for writing this book. This is his first book and the first of a three volume series. This first book is historical, the second one is doctrinal and the third is personal or self-help. The second book will be released in the near future.

    He is a veteran Social Activist. He has worked with several organizations throughout the years. He founded A.S.S.A. the African Society of Spiritual Abolitionist. He believes God’s sons and daughters must be reconciled to God in Spirit and in Truth. This book is part of the author’s effort to make that reconciliation a reality. In Adisa we see a combination of visionary, missionary and teacher.

    His vision: A united, spiritually renewed and powerful BlackChurch. The goal: To pool the resources of the Church to build new institutions that will address the spiritual depravity of a race and empower Black families and communities throughout the Diaspora for generations to come. The method: Adopt an African Spiritual frame of reference by embracing the wisdom of the ancestors.

    In his words, “For Blacks Christianity is a badge of dishonor. It is the religion of the conquerors. By confessing to be Christians, African Americans dishonor their ancestors and demonstrate to the world that they willingly accept the position of servant assigned to them by the framers of Christian dogma and doctrines.”

    “Only a united BlackChurch will enable us to stand in     these dark days. The Church must become mission     minded; the mission, first on the agenda is unity, (2)     the liberation of African minds from the delusions and     deceptions of Christendom, (3) the building of new     institutions of education to replace the racist, sexist     and materialistic institutions of today and (4) the     economic empowerment of African Americans.”-    Adisa Franklin

It is time for Black people to question and even challenge traditional orthodox Christianity's teachings, history and beliefs based on the historical facts and evidence because Euro-Christianiy has proven to be based on some truth some falsehoods and many misrepresentations. It is time for a true Black Liberation Theology.

It is critical that we address the foreign ideologies that the Black community has adapted as our own. Our minds are being dominated mostly by these theories and ideas. It is an adaptation that leaves us without an identity and foundation which causes us as an ethnic group to hate ourselves. Our black minds are dominated mostly by European theories and ideas. Brother Adisa not only addresses this adaptation and domination he also provides a means for ‘self liberation’ that can free us from the mental bondage that belief in false Christian Doctrines creates.” –Rashad aka The ROCK, Detroit Mi.


First off your book is great; I am in total agreement with your premise as you can see from my motto. I purchased some of the authors you used to continue my research. From all I read this is the best part of the book for me is:

 “The Bible is constantly and emphatically warning against the worshipping of idols from the Old Testament to the New

Testament from Genesis to Revelations. Yet African American Christians have chosen as their deity a Caucasian man, a god of

flesh and a graven image which they proudly and ignorantly display in their church edifices, homes, cars, at their desk and

around their necks. They say he is half-god and half-man and born of a virgin and this is supposed to make it believable.

They hold
this graven image of a god of flesh up to the world and demand that the world worship their idol or face condemnation by

them and God. To not accept their image of god as God will cause Christians to declare that you are hell-bound for certain, and the anti-Christ at the least."

-Joe Monroe (review of book 2/12/09)