Men And Women: Introductions

General Fiction

By L.J. Valente

Publisher : createspace

ABOUT L.J. Valente

L.J. Valente
I have been a writer for almost twenty years now. Started writing poetry, back in '91 and was first published in '92. I have written many magazine articles and finally just got around to putting a collection of short stories together, "Men and Women"There is much more to come tha More...



Colorful locals and multifaceted ex-pats... Gutsy, shy, resourceful, sexy women interact with brave, indecisive, intelligent yet foolish men... Three, very different stories with surprising twists depict men and women in all the situations only life and fate can throw at us.

Three highly varied stories which have a unique voice and are gripping. It proves to be a page-turner and each story provides an insight into a different world, culture and lifestyle. Written in a highly entertaining voice, I would recommend it for a wide variety of audiences.

Once i opened the book i could not put it down the ending to the first story surprised me in such a way. This is overall a great book and i would recommend this book to friends and family!!