When the Storms Come.. You Can Take It

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Val Waldeck
Christian Author and Bible Teacher


Author: Val Waldeck
The incredibly motivating story of an Old Testament believer. Walk with Job and his family and you will learn: How to "take" trials in the power and strength of the Lord; How to rejoice in the midst of your pain; How to trust God in all circumstances; How to cope with grief. You will be greatly encouraged, strengthened and inspired as you share these insights from Job’s life and apply them to your own situation.
I find your exposition of this great book (Job), helpful, encouraging and crystal clear in it's simplicity and it's strict adherence to the Word of God. Malcolm Gage, UK

"When the Storms come" is awe-inspiring, Spirit-filled writing that feeds the soul and encourages .. daily. Grant & Julie Foreman, SA

I read it every morning and try to live by Job’s loyalty to God. It helps me to tell people who constantly blame God for ‘bad’ things that come upon them, i.e. ‘storms’ in their lives, that Almighty God is in control and it is not always God who brings these storms into their lives. Ray & Val Ludik, SA

Your devotional is really good. I loved the "Ironing Board" being your altar.. I will use that some time soon. Pastor Ed Rutherford, USA

Today, my sister's only daughter went to be with the Lord, through a freak car accident and the message/prayer of Job for the 10th from the Storms of life has really comforted us all. Thank you for your faithfulness. Viv Upton, SA


This is one of the most accessible books on spiritually surviving grief and losses that I have ever read. Its short meditations and prayers are powerfully written, and they address today’s problem with the same strength and courage that Job used when he faced his own grief and losses. Although the author never states outright the role of Job in our lives, it is clear that she means him to be a role model of unwavering—although humanly flawed—faith in God’s ultimate caring love for each of us.

To say that the book is timely is an understatement, for men and women have struggled with problems of loss since birth, wondering if they are equal to the demands that life places on us all. However the author—in everyday vernacular—tells us that we can “take it”—“a day at a time,” and she vividly demonstrates the Bible’s promises for courage, strength, healing and heavenly affirmation of our worth.

Using resonant metaphors such as “spiritual muscles,” strengthened daily by “on the job” prayers, she talks to men in language they can understand. To women who are overwhelmed with housework, she urges them to use their ironing boards as their altars, where they can pray for their families while performing “on the job” duties.

The affirmations and imagery used in this book continually enhance its message, as the author speaks of Jesus as a friend, continually beside us, never leaving us alone and isolated. Jesus is there to support us as we imbue ourselves with Job’s examples of faith. With Job as role model, we can recreate our lives and reclaim a positive, spiritual new life for ourselves—despite loss. With this book and God’s promises, we can begin living and loving again, healing our wounds and opening our hearts to a renewed sense of spiritual and physical purpose.
Editor, iUniverse.com