Come and Meet Baci

Children's Books

By Diana Granata

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Diana Granata

Diana Granata
I am a first time author, published in May 2008,by Publish America.A resident of Connecticut,I still retain a foundness for my birthplace -Italy. Choosing Baci, my Italian Grayhound, brings me closer to my roots on a daily basis. My desire to share information on my native country and the  More...



A story told by Baci, an talian Greyhound, sharing his ancestry,
personality,characteristics and traits of being a royal dog.
Baci believes that to love where you come from and enjoy your individuality
is what makes each of us special.
Children"s Literary Reviews.

"Come and Meet Baci  is the wonderful little story of Baci, a feisty 
 greyhound who share the details of his ancestry.From his shiny grey
 coat,to his little white toes. Baci tells a tale of royalty with castles and palaces in Russia,Egypt and Italy. Showing his softer side, Baci loves to cuddle in the blackets and give loving doggy kisses.
With bright and detailed illustrations by Peter Fasolino,and interesting
educational contend, author Diana Granata is sure to win over children
everywhere.wonderful read!

Randi Michell
Children's Literary Reviews