General Fiction

By Sean Kaffe

Publisher : Exclaim FZC, UAE

ABOUT Sean Kaffe

Sean Kaffe
I am a military pilot with a passion for computers. I have taken part in a couple of wars and have fired in anger more than once.Sean Kaffe is not my real name.



What exactly is PUCK? Is it a war novel? A military manual? A computer technology handbook? Is it a political treatise? A religious statement? A travel guide? Is it a battle plan for the war on terror? Or possibly, a love story?

Puck could be all these but in reality it is, quite simply, a vehicle. It is a magic carpet woven in words that takes the reader on an amazing journey across the world crisscrossing Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. As one travels this wondrous route, one gains a stunning insight into the modern military machine, netcentric warfare, computers, Pakistan, Muslims, Jehad and much else.



“Not a novel in the traditional sense of the word”.

“Are you a spook”?

“Do you seriously expect me to believe that this is fiction”?

“Funny. Very Funny. Sometimes Ha Ha and sometimes peculiar”.

“Thank you very much. I could have gone through life without knowing about dry aircraft cabins and vaginas”.

“A very unique blend of human interest and high tech”.

“Your description of military computers and netcentric warfare is scary”.

“This is an incredible amount of historical and fictional information. I only wish I could figure out which is which”.
“Mind Blowing”.

“I always knew there was something fishy about Bush’s trip to Baghdad”.

“You make the Muslims sound almost normal”.

“I am amazed at the detail about the shooting down of the Soviet pilot in Afghanistan. You couldn’t have dreamed this up”.

“Sean Kaffe, ve vill find you. Ve haf our vays”