Forever Free From Chronic Pain

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By Rothbart Brian

Publisher : Happy About

ABOUT Rothbart Brian

Rothbart Brian
Prof/Dr Brian A. Rothbart is one of the top internationally recognized experts in the elimination of chronic back, neck, hip, knee, and foot pain. He is also author of the new book, Forever Free From Chronic Pain. With 40 years as a pioneering researcher and physician, Professor Rothbart More...


Chronic knee, hip and back pain is a problem of epidemic proportions leaving millions of sufferers desperate to find relief.  But after trying invasive surgery and countless therapies in an effort to try something - anything - to alleviate their chronic pain, why are so many still aching with indescribable pain?

The answer is that a very common source of chronic musculoskeletal pain has - until now - remained unknown.  For this reason, the best that people can do is merely manage their chronic pain.

In Professor Rothbart's groundbreaking book, Forever Free from Chronic Pain, Chronic Pain Expert, Professor/Doctor Brian A Rothbart finally reveals the secret to success for thousands of his patients who live pain free lives.  He details his life's work and discoveries about a previously unknown, yet very common source of chronic muscle and joint pain, and provides a full explanation on how you, too, can finally free yourself from the bonds of chronic pain captivity.

In his passionate and easy to understand book, you will discover:

  • Why your current treatments for chronic muscle and joint pain don't work.
  • What is the solution to end your chronic musculoskeletal pain - permanently.
  • How to quickly determine if Professor Rothbart's therapy is for you.
  • How you can take immediate action to rid yourself of your chronic pain.
  • How, through advanced technology, your body will heal itself for good.

Professor Rothbart has spent the better part of 40 years in research and clinical practice in order to first find the source of chronic musculoskeletal pain and then how to permanently eliminate it.  In his revolutionary approach, patients the world over have been treated successfully where all past therapies have failed.

Through his innovative therapy as detailed in this book, you can join thousands of patients the world over who have gotten their life back and are now living forever free from chronic pain.
  • Clayton A Chan DDS - Researcher in Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction, Los Vegas Nevada
  • Eric C Carter PhD - CEO, World Organization Natural Medicine Physicians
  • Sandra Goodman PhD - Editor, Positive Health Magazine
  • David Pratt PhD - Clinical Scientist, Clinical Measurements Laboratory, Birmingham, Uk
  • George J Georgiou PhD ND - Academic Dean, DaVinci College Holistic Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus
  • John Diamond MD DPM FRANCZP MRCPsych FIAPM DIBAK - Author and Researcher, South Salem, New York
  • Elaine Hollingsworth - Author and Director, Hippocrates HealthCentre of Australia
  • Dr Tami Brady DD, RM - Specializing in Fibromyalgia

“Dr. Rothbart’s new book – Forever Free From Chronic Pain is a significant find and a ray of light in the darkness of times for some who are seeking answers.  He understands the realities and the all common stories of the many sufferers of pain.  Forever Free From Chronic Pain is an extraordinarily helpful and enlightening read, superbly written and profoundly important to both our medical/dental profession as well as the layman.  Dr. Rothbart’s work is revolutionary in its implications and profound in its clarity.”

Clayton A Chan DDS



"Dr. Rothbart's new book - Forever Free From Chronic Pain - is clearly a successful culmination of many years of tireless research and clinical practice, and is a 'must read' for anyone that has not found the answer to their chronic pain."

Eric C Carter PhD                                                                   


“This riveting book may be a godsend to those people who have tried numerous other treatments without success and have been told to just live with their pain.”

Sandra Goodman PhD



“This easy to read book provides a valuable source of information about the causes of much chronic pain.  I would recommend that any person with intractable chronic pain reads this book.”

David Pratt PhD, CPhys, CSci, MIPEM, ARCP



“This is truly a case of a physician thinking way ahead of the crowd, as Prof/Dr Rothbart has invented a completely new therapy that truly works as tried and tested by many thousands of people worldwide who have been cured of chronic musculolskeletal pain.”

George J Georgiou PhD, DSc, ND, MSc



"Thank you for the privilege of reading your most important book.  I am so impressed that I have immediately referred my wife to you."

John Diamond MD


"Finally, a real solution to help millions free themselves from the chains of chronic pain."

Elaine Hollingsworth   


"Virtually everyone experiences back, leg, head, or other body pain at some point in their lives. Millions of people suffer with chronic pain. Unfortunately, a large number of these individuals are not finding a pain management system that successfully relieves their suffering.

Surprisingly, Dr Rothbart states that the problem for many of these sufferers is actually in their feet, a slight malformation caused in the womb. In fact, many dangerous operations are being done needlessly. Indeed, think of the pain medications being given without ever exploring the real reason for the pain. It’s so very shocking, especially given that problem is completely reversible.

Dr. Rothbart began his research in an attempt to understand his own chronic pain. His studies led him to very successful trials not only in discovering continuity in the underlying cause of chronic musculoskeletal pain but also in effective ways of treating this malformation. Dr. Rothbart`s work is absolutely fascinating and truly enlightening."

Dr Tami Brady DD, RM