The Secret of Castlegate Manor


By Karen Cogan

Publisher : Avalon Books

ABOUT Karen Cogan

Karen Cogan
I've enjoyed writing articles and stories for years. Now, I write novels and love it!  I am a native of Texas and now live in New Mexico. I have a myriad of pets, teach in a public school, and love the outdoors. My husband is a professional artist and we have just experienced the birth  More...




Caroline Greene, Abigail to Lady Eleanor is not the sort of young woman to engage in lies and subterfuge. However, Caroline never expected to have a chance to better herself by posing as a distant member of her employers’ family.  Bowing to Lady Eleanor’s dying wish, Caroline journeys to the family’s country estate where no one knows her former status.

There, she becomes the unwilling target of the unscrupulous Lord Humphrey.  In desperation, she turns to the handsome young groom, Geoffrey, for help.  When he learns Caroline’s secret, he vows to keep it as they unwind the secrets of Castlegate Manor and expose Lord Humphrey’s devious plan. But Caroline does not know that Geoffrey has a secret of his own.  Will that secret draw them together or keep them forever apart?